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Tire Thumper

Holly bought an anti-spider stick, but she needed to justify the shipping. So she asked if I wanted anything. I suggested a Tire thumper, which is something you use to thump tires with. Only tires are to be thumped with the tire thumper. You think I’m joking? Let’s have a look…

It’s a cedar tire thumper, for checking tire pressure. Says so right on the slip.

You’ll notice I highlighted it, that’s because I want to point out just how many times that phrase pops up.

This is the first time, from the front of the slip of paper. It came in a plastic bag with this bit of cardboard stapled to it. use for checking tire pressure

Out of four sentences and six bullet points, they manage to mention that this is for checking tire pressure four separate times.

Thumping tires is serious business!

And yet… it’s sold under the name of Sportsman’s Choice.

I’d begun to wonder about how serious they were, but then I saw this printed right on the tire thumper itself
They must be serious then! I mean they put it right on the tire thumper!

Strange though, because to look at it, you’d think it was a truncheon.
Tire thumper though. Not a truncheon. Tire thumper

Serious Business!

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  1. I got a cheaper version of this tonight and googled it to see what people actually use them for. I’d heard of them before and it seemed like an excuse for truckers to carry a mean looking billy club. FBDSVE%Tbz rtlugb hry6tsgt. Definitely worth the five bucks in any case.

    Comment by theotherryan | December 6, 2008 | Reply

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