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Make Politics Interesting

Hillary Clinton has really screwed herself I feel. Her hammering on experience has only really pointed out how little experience she has herself. It doesn’t help that she keep claiming experience she doesn’t have. Not only does she lie about things, but then she gets caught in those lies. Take the current example of claiming she was dodging sniper fire, only to have it come out that dodging sniper fire means listening to a little girl read a poem. Don’t lie if there were news cameras there to prove you a liar!

I keep thinking that at this point she’s going to claim “Well, I have experience at being a woman.” Only to have Mike Myers show up in his Austin Powers get up, punch her in the face, grab her hair, yank and announce “That’s not a woman it’s a MAN BABY!”

Then, as soon as Clinton regains some composure and claims “I have experience being a human!” we’ll have someone grab at her face, yank the mask off and show the candidate up for being one of those lizard people from V.

And THEN it’ll transpire that Barack Obama is really an alien hunter from the future, sent back to prevent the damage that the lizard king/queen would have caused if allowed to become president.

And poor John McCain would just be sitting there, wondering why no one is paying any attention to him. I mean, his flip-flopping ass was made the Republican candidate a long time ago. Right now he must be considering either gay bathroom sex or child molestation as a means of gaining more attention.

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