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I really hate waitresses who grab anything on the table that isn’t nailed down. We went out to dinner, while dodging more sniper fire than Hillary Clinton*, and we had the grabbiest waitress. She was so eager to snatch things off the table that we sometimes didn’t notice things had been taken until they were gone. Really pissed me off as there were two instances that we needed something (a fork and a napkin) only to discover that it had already been taken.

Also, it shouldn’t take 2 and a half minutes of her reading the menu to us before we can get a word in edgewise to order our drinks. That’s probably the restaurant’s fault and not hers, but it still annoys me when just about everything on the menu (which is printed with color pictures for the terminally thick) is read and pointed out to me like I can’t manage that much on my own.

Still, they managed to cook my steak properly, even if they can’t make a chicken sandwich that doesn’t fall apart as soon as a person tries to bite it. What kind of idiot puts a full chicken breast as thick as a steak into a chicken sandwich? The breast just slid out when Hol tried to bite it and she ended up eating it with a knife and fork.


There was all that damn sniper fire too.

*As we live in Michigan this is very likely true.**

**For those of you not in the know, Michigan has slightly looser gun laws than Texas.

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