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Cornhole an Ewok’s Mullet (Can’t wait to see what kind of search results I get for that one)

While it’s not entirely true, I do like certain lists of “Oh we ALL did that, quit pretending.”

You might know what I mean, like how people who are in their early to mid 30s like to pretend that they always hated the Ewoks, despite the fact that everyone loved the Ewoks back when they were 6. I mean c’mon, I still love them. Consider how awesome they really are. “Yeah, that’s right Empire. You’ve got a big metal ball of death, we’ve got fighting midgets in teddy bear costumes. Where’s your Force now?” Only now, when they’ve grown up do they want to pretend they never liked them in the first place despite still having that stuffed plush Ewok in a place of honor on their bed.

The first time I ever heard it was when someone was talking shit about bell bottoms in some 80s show and the other character mentioned that everyone wore nothing but bell bottoms only a few years ago and the first character damn well knew it.

Also the mullet. People talk shit about the mullet now, but have you ever checked how many people used to have them? It only became a thing a few years ago, long after the mullet went out of fashion. Lots of people still have them actually, what with 70s hair being “in” again for the last few years it’ll likely come back any minute now. I mean if polo shirts are acceptable (in 2008! For fucks sake what the hell is wrong with us?) then can the mullet be far behind?

I know people who didn’t have a mullet, never wore bell bottoms and hated the Ewoks from the word go. It seems though, that too many people try to pretend that they always were against what looks like dumb fashions now. I can dig that people thought the mullet looked dumb in the 80s, but I have a problem believing it when I can look up old photos and prove that they had one. I also have trouble buying their foresight when I’ve watched them pick up every other stupid fashion that’s come and gone since then.

I always want to invent things, just to see if anyone will call me on how popular they used to be. This of course does lead to the looks I get for saying things like “Oh quit pretending. We were all into cornholing in the 90s, stop acting like you never did it!” but frankly, that’s just part of the fun.

Mostly this whole post was me trying to figure out a good reason to use cornholing, because I agree with George Carlin that it doesn’t get said enough anymore.

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