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This is not the greatest spoon in the world

First I want to show you something fugly. I mean, wow! It’s so ugly it’s almost beautiful.

Next I want to talk about cereal premuims.

Loot what I got in my cereal.
My first piece of Indiana Jones merch for this cycle!

Even says “Indiana Jones” in case you get confused.

And of course, it lights up!

Now I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking did he take 6 pictures or only 5?
Actually you’re thinking “Didn’t something like this come around at the last Star Wars?”
Yes, yes it did.

Actually it makes the new spoon seem like trying to shoe horn Indy into an old idea.
These aren’t the best spoons I own though, this is.

My Quick Bunny spoon!
He rocks the block. Also, he can actually be used. Those plastic spoons are terrible, even for cereal.

Group shot!

And then there is the Tomato Salad that I made last night. wanted a shot because she said it looked so pretty.

And another go at the grifon because it’s so damn cool

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