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Open Letter

Dear Senator Clinton,

Let me tell you a little something about my family.

My mother’s maiden name is Collier, and that’s a Welsh word for Coal Miner. Yeah, guess what that side of the family did before coming to America to be farmers. My mother’s side is mostly your average Dutch-Irish collection with some Welsh and English thrown in for good measure. Mostly hard working people who lived honestly, until the 1880s when a bunch of Collier boys were hung for horse thievery out west. Still, basically honest, hard working, white Americans.

My father’s name is Lashuay, as is mine (duh) which is derived from a French name I can’t spell. I’ve been told that it translates to something like “The Game player” or “The Gambler” or something like that. We come from Lyon. It’s hard to track anyway because as I understand it my ancestor left France under something of a cloud. It seems he ran to America because he’d run out of places to run away to in France, along with the daughter and the silverware if you catch my drift. From there he went to Canada (back when French Canada went further south) and eventually settled in. The Lashuay’s then started experimenting in spelling their names six different ways (Ways, the Aways, and the Uays… along with others) and spreading like a virus across the land.

While we were here, the country actually became a country, since when we showed up it was a collection of colonies. Then while Colliers and Lashuays were hanging out in the Ohio Valley, they Civil War broke out and three Lashuay Boys fought under a Collier Colonel*. After that, they all settled down to be farmers and factory workers.
*Unless I’ve got the rank wrong.

So, what I’m saying here is that my family has been here a long time. We were here before it was America, we were here before immigrants became a bad thing, we were here before a lot of things. The only people who have been here longer are religious lunatics and the indigenous population. The indigenous population, who we helped kill… sorry about that guys. We’ve been hard working Americans for the time we’ve been here (when we weren’t stealing stuff) and to an extent, we have prospered. White collars, blue collars we’ve even been known to have green collars when the nation needed it. As far as I know, mine if the first in four generations not to have anyone wear a uniform. We represent a cross section of the Middle Class American strata really.

I come from thieves and honest, hard workers. So basically I’m a hard working thief, and a damn charming one when I need to be. Also, I never went to college, I barely got a GED. So, you’ve got a hard working, white American who doesn’t have a college education who still ain’t gonna vote for your sniper dodging, 3am phone call making, constantly “misspeaking” ass! If I am a bit lefty, I came by it honestly by meeting people and learning about things on my own. I consider myself more a centrist, its just the last 10 years or so has been to such an insane extreme that it makes people who look central seem like a lefty by comparison.

I did a little run down of the group. We’re a family of working Americans. A family of hard working Americans. In fact a family of hard working WHITE Americans… and most of us in my little informal poll are more likely to support Obama right now. Those that aren’t thinking of supporting Obama, are going to vote for McCain because they want to vote for a Republican or they like his style or whatever.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t you saying that white folk weren’t going to support a black man that did it, but that sure didn’t help. It made you go from someone we didn’t agree with, to someone we find truly distasteful. That sort of statement tilted you into a light that you really can’t recover from I’m afraid. It’s got too much of the “A drunk man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts” feeling about it. Sorry, but I don’t want that, and neither does my hard working white American family.

We want someone who won’t think they’re coming under sniper fire just because it’s 11 at night and doesn’t “misspeak” every time they open their damn mouth. We’ve had 8 years of an idiot shooting his mouth off without thinking, we don’t need more. If you’re trying to be president, you need to think about what you say and not just yell “Bring it on” because those phrases will come back to haunt you.

I still don’t fully support Obama, which I know causes some consternation for a few people, but it’s how I feel. I’m not behind him yet, not enough to say that I’m with him. I think I probably could support him if he’s the final candidate, because he’d likely be a better choice than the other two. Got nothing to do with his color, or mine. It’s got to do with him as a candidate.

EDIT: I put the town of Lashuay Origin as Leon when it should be Lyon. I thought we were from the south east part of the country. Trust the fucking French to actually have a town that makes me think my typos are the correct spelling.

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