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Not a horrible list

I got a link to 100 Must-Read Books: The Essential Man’s Library and I didn’t hate it. I expected to, because the first page is pretty heavily weighted with things I would tell you to ignore if you came and asked my recommendations of the list. Also, I hate it when people try to be gender specific. Women should read a lot of these books too, but that’s neither here nor there really.

While I disagree with some (No one should ever have to read Moby Dick*… EVER) and I felt a few things were missing from the list, it’s actually pretty well balanced. If you go through all 4 pages you’ll probably find that the list is okay. Not great, because anyone who fails to include at least one comic book (Okay… fine Graphic Novel! Happy now?) is going to get dismissed as incomplete. It doesn’t even have to be an adventure book, Maus would have done if you wanted to keep up the tone of that piece.

The list reads like one person put it together, which is fine but leave you wondering what others would have put on the list. It actually reminds of the conversation I had with someone that I should make a list of 100 movies that a person should watch for Retroflix**. That list hasn’t been made yet though, probably because I keep thinking that you can’t focus all that a person needs to read, see, or experience into 100 bullet pointable items. Someday though, I’ll probably make that list.

*Some day we need to have a long conversation about books that are so far up their own ass that they can see their own tonsils and how many of them destroyed the career of their creators. Moby Dick would be prime example number one.

**(another Live Journal, not the website).

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