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Things I want

I want a big budget movie that doesn’t treat me like an idiot.

I want an action movie that understands at least the basic fundementals of physics.

I want to know and care about a character before I try and watch them escape from the clutches of the villains.

I want a thriller that doesn’t require a lot of logical hoop jumping, particularly when half the hoops are false. When explaining how the heroes get out of a narrow scrape, the excuse should at least be researched enough to know if it’s even vaguely plausible.

I want the suspension of my disbelief to need no more effort than a feather resting on the surface of a pond. It should not require a pool of mercury to float the lead bar of the plot.

I want shocking surprises to be at least something of a surprise. I shouldn’t be able to quote exactly what other movie the big surprise was stolen from and how I would need distances only the Hubble Telescope can comprehend to explain how far away I spotted it.

If I can’t have those things, then I want a 100 million dollar NC-17 rated version of Bunnicula.

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