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Prezidant Gangsta!

It seems that Barack Obama is some variety of negro. The media is shocked SHOCKED to discover that while he is quite pale for one of them, he occasionally behaves like one of those scary blacks from “The Hood” or some even worse places! It seems he and his wife did a dap or “fist bump” as the white kids call it, and a lot of people lost their shit because the scary black man was doing scary black things.

Every time I see silly shit like this I can only think of people thinking the same thing over and over again. “I need an excuse as to why I won’t vote for a ****** but can’t say that.” So they came out with him supposedly being a Muslim (I still don’t get why that should make him ineligible, but whatever) or his pastor said some wacky shit (most of which was true, but wasn’t phrased submissively enough for whitey) or some other such shit. They come up with all sorts of silly ass reasons, all the while trotting out reminders that he’s a black man and you don’t want a black in charge do you?

If you disagree with his fiscal policy, fine, say so. I really won’t think you’re racist if you just plain disagree with his stance on the war. Seriously, I can see where his ideas of how the country should be run might not jive with yours. However, you really need to stop trotting out “Scary Negro” bullshit because all it does is make you sound like a racist. It also makes me hear phantom banjo music and I don’t need that shit following me all day.

June 7, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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