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5 things of which you may not have been aware

1. I have an odd, but strangely unexplored love of hoaxes, stage magic and side shows (all of side show attractions, not just the freaks). I really like these things, but not enough to really pursue them or research them in any meaningful way. I find this odd, because any of these are full of interesting things to read up on, and they often require you to have an understanding of history, science, and psychology. You’d think I’ve be constantly looking up these things, but you’d be wrong. I’m always happy to find them, but I rarely go searching them out. I think probably a large part of it was that much of the information on these things wasn’t that easy to get when I was a kid, which is when I was chiefly interested. You could get the occasional book or documentary, but they didn’t exactly fall in your lap like other things might. When you did get one, they were equal parts badly researched facts, old stories and total crap. With the internet, these things are easier to find, but I’m not as hip to it anymore.

2. I also love ancient mysteries, but I’ve gone so far as to really look into them. I’m not talking about Atlantis, I’m talking about things like the Nazca Lines and other such things that really exist but we have difficulty explaining. Even though the Nazca Lines were probably for royalty to look at in hot air balloons, which is simple once you find the balloons. I also think the Tarim Mummies are neat.

3. I read about a lot of crap as a kid. Cryptozoology and alien visitations and abductions were a regular part of my brain fodder as a child. There were a lot of ghosts and haunted places in my early reading. The Winchester Mansion still ranks among one of my top “Gotta go see that someday” locations, which is a remnant of reading books of that sort.

4. While doing that, I’ve always been sort of obsessed with outer space. I love the idea that if only I could get a glass of water big enough I could float the planet Saturn in it. This is probably my parent’s fault really. They let me watch Cosmos at an early age and read books like Our Universe. Side note: HOLY SHIT! I could get a copy for about $5? CRIPES! No, you don’t understand. I NEED to get a copy of this book. I mean I probably have it memorized, but I really, really REALLY need to get a new(ish) copy of this book. OOOh look, another site has some used copies too! The second site has descriptions of what kind of condition each book is in too. JOY!

5. I am often the only one who sees or understands my comments. Hypertext and linking are wonderful things, but it requires people to actually click the links, read through the entire page, and then maybe still not see what exactly the connection I’m making is. This can get very annoying when I think I’ve said something clever and obvious and I just get blank stares. That’s okay though, I’ve gotten used to it.

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