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Bad writing is bad.

I’m often annoyed at phrasing, as you well know, so it annoys me when I see it. I suppose it’s just a hatred for sloppy communication. Let’s look at today’s example from an otherwise intelligent article…

Now that we have the largest Baby Boomer population in history, companies want to target this exceedingly large audience.

Now the Baby Boomers, according to Wikipedia, were born between 1946 and 1960-something. Let’s just say 1966, because it gives us 20 years for those babies to boom. With that in mind, one would think that 1966 saw the largest Baby Boomer population in history. Because they’ve been steadily dying off since the BB canon was closed. You can’t add any boomers, because they stopped booming in ’66. After that, they no longer Boomed, just X’d. So you can’t have more boomers then any other time in history! You could say there are more seniors than any time in history, but not more Baby Boomers. It’s like if you said there are more pretentious assholes in the world who pretend to know what Film Noir and Pulp fiction is all about but have never actually watched a film or read a book from the respective periods than there have ever been, I would allow that. If you just said there are more Gen-Xers than any other time, I would complain.

As I said, this is actually an intelligent and useful article called 20 Hot Client Industries That Hire Freelancers but I can’t let bad writing go when I see it. The problem of course is that it’s everywhere.

This is why I spend so much time screaming into a pillow.

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