I'll come up with something in a minute.

I’m feeling quite positive at the moment, thank you for asking.

I’m positive we’re all fucked.

Anyone here seen Yojimbo? 1961 movie directed by Akira Kurosawa.

Well, in this movie there is a scene that takes place after the two gangs have had a massive fight. Massive causalities, 100% on one side and about 90% on the other. So the more or less nameless character of Kuwabatake Sanjuro (30 year old mulberry field) walks up the undertaker who is distraught to find his business all dried up and asks what his damage is. Sanjuro thinks he should be bucks up. After all, with all the corpses, there should be ample requests for coffins. And this is where the economic boom is lowered and our hero has consumer theory explained to him. The undertaker’s reply is that when deaths hit a certain point, no one bothers to buy a coffin anymore. Either there is no one left to deal with the bodies, or they go for the more economically sound mass grave option.

I wonder if the divorce lawyers and therapists will find that has happened later this month. Maybe there comes a point when so many have lost their jobs at once and have been worrying about it so long that no one bothers with their services anymore and just leaves their marriage/sanity on the road to rot in the sun with their mortgage, their pensions and their hope on not being killed by a terrorist, a natural disaster, their food or some jumped up Security Guard/Weekend Soldier Wanna-Be* ass munch who thinks they might be a terrorist/natural disaster/tainted food and decides better safe than sorry.

If the country isn’t in a recession, then the rest of the country must be experiencing some form of solid gold bukkakke direct from Uncle Pennybag’s cock straight into their wallets to keep up the average because Michigan is in a depression and I can’t understand how we can keep having this argument. I haven’t looked at all the charts and figures, I look for a subtler sign… one that reads “We Buy Gold” in bold black letters on a yellow back ground with a phone number, an address and no other information what-so-ever. Those signs, above being ugly, are also a sure notice to all concerned that some Hoovervilles are not far behind. We’re turning the corner, oddly enough it’s probably the corner prosperity is just around.

*Not a reference to National Guard, but rather the sort of assholes who couldn’t even make it into the National Guard and just run around gun shows in cameo like they’re hot shit ninjas/special forces even though they make Nero Wolfe look slight and willowy and make George W. Bush look brave and gallant.

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