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I want to vote for an adult

I’m extremely annoyed with John McCain. I’m annoyed because I can no longer take him seriously and have to vote for Barak Obama for president. I’m not angry that I’m more or less being forced to vote for Obama. I’m actually quite happy to vote for Obama, even if some of his stated policies look like they either need a little work or need to be defined better, or possibly need to have a long drawn out explanation about how the hell he intends to pay for it.

I can get around that though. It’s not voting for Obama that has annoyed me, it’s deciding in August. I wanted to watch a couple of debates and I wanted to listen to what these two men had to say. I wanted to weight the pros and cons of each man’s arguments. I wanted to make an informed choice about who would best represent the country and lead us out of the shit storm that the last eight to ten years have driven us into. In case you’re wondering, yes I do blame part of where we are now on things that happened during the Clinton Administration and by extension Clinton himself. People didn’t just suddenly start getting bad loans when Bush came to office, that situation started under Clinton. Most of all, I wanted to finally make up my mind in October, after weighing the pros and cons for myself.

I can’t listen to John McCain anymore though, because John McCain’s campaign has already fallen into a childish routine that makes the last two election cycles look restrained and grown up. He’s lying, but all politicians lie (sorry, stretch the truth) so that doesn’t get me so much. He’s looking like he’s in the pocket of big oil concerns, but show me a political figure that hasn’t chased money at some point. What has undone him in my eyes is the childishness and the willful ignorance I’ve seen on display. He’s made himself look foolish at a time when I need someone serious. Giving away tire pressure gauges as a way to mock Obama’s claim that properly inflated tires would save the country more fuel than off-shore drilling and then actually telling people he agreed with that idea after they told him how stupid he looked for mocking the idea? I don’t even know if the claim is true or not*, but I do know McCain has now come out against himself! I can do no better than to quote my choice for President… “In the coming days it’s going to be interesting to watch this debate between John McCain and John McCain.”
*Evidently it is.

Then you have the extremely stupid Celebrity Ad that mocked Obama for being the current media favorite. Politicians as celebrities didn’t bother McCain back when he was the celebrity in question. Didn’t bother him when he was on 24, didn’t bother him when he was asked to be on The Daily Show 12 times, didn’t bother him when he played himself in The Wedding Crashers, but it bothers him now. It seems that it’s only bothering him now that he’s not the center of attention. If I may point out, it sounds like someone is annoyed that he got dumped for a younger man. It sounds like someone is whining like a little bitch instead of taking it like a man.

And then he got PWNED! Not only did he get slapped around like a little bitch, but he got bitch slapped by Paris Cock-Gobbling Hilton! Paris doesn’t care about politics, she’s not making a statement about the nation, she’s just scoring off the wrinkled old guy who insulted her. However, when Paris Hilton can score off you, you know it’s time to just go the fuck away. This whole situation has taken the single most important responsibility that the American people have, and turned it into an internet joke.

I’m not even going to go into the race bating or the “Elitist” comments because… a guy who dumped his injured wife so he could go shack up with a millionaire beer baronesses who thinks inflating your tires properly is a joke and has been in congress for 30 years is going to accuse someone else of elitism? He doesn’t have to worry about his 6 houses being taken away, or having to skip new glasses for a while because milk prices just went up again. He doesn’t even get the idea of keeping your tires inflated to try and save three small, but precious dollars a week. He thinks that’s a joke!

The race bating is just as stupid, stupider even. I would have liked to hear what he had to say to actually refute Obama’s claims, but all anyone can come up with is comments amounting to about how Obama is an uppity negro trying to get above his station. I’ll grant, there might have been a few statements about him being wrong, but I stop listening after some version of “Didn’t you hear me? He’s an uppity *word deleted* and he can’t be allowed to be in charge!” comes out of their mouths. That alone tells me that they’ve either got nothing on the guy, which is a plus for him or that they’re so ingrained in the idea that no one will ever vote for a black man that they don’t need to take him seriously, which insults my considerable intelligence and just pisses me right the fuck off.

I know it’s often seen as condescending when a white guy says this, but I really did listen when MLK asked us to judge a man by the color of his soul rather than the color of his skin. The results from my soulometer are showing that McCain’s color is not so good while Obama looks pretty healthy. Even if I don’t like all his ideas, at least with Obama I get the idea that these are the ideas of an adult who understands that America is facing some really tough times in the next 10 years instead of someone trying to play tit for tat like a 12 year old in a school yard.

And that, in a nut shell, is what has me angry. I’m angry that McCain, once a member of The No Bullshit Caucus has fallen so deeply into the bullshit that you no longer can see the man he once was, or at least the man he was once perceived as being. I’m angry that I still haven’t heard one word about what he’s for, just what Obama is doing that he doesn’t like. I’m really angry that someone who proclaimed that this was going to be a new kind of gentleman’s campaign sank to these ridiculous depths so fucking early and so easily.

I’m angry that I can’t actually pick between two intelligent people who understand the gravity of the situation the country faces at this moment in history. I wanted to be able to take both candidates seriously. I wanted to elect one of two grown ups who would do the grown up thing and lead the country like an adult. I’m perfectly happy to vote for Obama, and probably he is the guy I would have voted for anyway, but I feel like I’m only doing so now because I don’t want to be associated with any of John McCain’s bullshit.

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