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Hitting Children is for Cowards

I’m gonna lay it out for you, stories like this one disgust me. You notice that the states that allow beating children are all places where you end up having people taking guns into churches and shooting politicians in the streets. And that was just the last few weeks that these things happened. Gosh, wonder if the culture of violence got that going? The problem is, the people who want to beat kids want to do so instead of trying to understand why the child does what they’re doing. It’s lazy and stupid and cowardly. Yes, cowardly. Most of all, cowardly.

Why it really disgusts me is the cowardice shown by the abusers who are masking their pathetic need to hit something and feel powerful as discipline. If you read the comments on that story (I don’t suggest it) you’ll notice many of the commenters suggest paddling for kids in grade 1-6, which suggests to me that they stop right around the time the kids are old enough to decide to hit back. That’s what stopped it in my house. One day my mother decided to raise a hand to me and I hit her first. Oddly, that was the last time she ever tried to hit me. Funny, huh? I was hit for years, for any little infraction that could be blamed on me. One day I throw a punch of out desperation and announce that the next time I was struck the motherfucker what hit me would not like the results and it stopped, just like that. Why, you’d almost think being hit back causes people to think “Maybe I shouldn’t hit this kid any more, because that HURT!”

Hitting me in school would not have stopped ADD from being a problem, it would have only made me feel more bullied than I did. Even without hitting me, a teacher did once attempt to grab me when I was eleven and because of Judo classes I tossed his ass over my shoulder and gave him a small kick to the side in my extreme anger. Never got in trouble for that, but I did gain a reputation as the guy who beat up a teacher. Fortunately it was a reputation among students only. I suspect the teacher in question didn’t want to report it around so it didn’t really get around that much.

This is one of the reasons I don’t have children frankly. I don’t want to go to jail because a teacher hit my child and I was forced to inform the teacher what being hit with a belt by someone who has total power over them and can inject terror as they see fit feels like. I’m willing to bet their feelings would suddenly be a lot different if I came into their office with a belt in my hand and made sure they had trouble sitting, even though they had done wrong by over stepping their bounds and venturing into territory best left to me as a parent.

Seriously, if you think hitting a kid is okay, then why isn’t hitting an adult okay? Because these people are cowards and fear exactly the kind of retribution they’re laying out on a defenseless child. They know if they picked on someone their own size they would have to face stern consequences. You notice none of these people would smack an adult for even a large infraction. Why? Because they know an adult would probably call a cop and have them arrested, or possibly hit back harder and with more strength. Bottom line it’s cowardice plain and simple. It’s very small people who want to bully someone and can only do it to a child one fifth their size, and that’s just disgusting.

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Apples and Oranges, all for sale




















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