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5 Things the 90s taught me in one way or another…

Maybe you know some of these things, maybe you learned them at a different time. However, there are thing I learned and I would have to say it was the 90s themselves who taught me them.

1. If you’re cool about gay people, the bisexual girls will let you play with them. A corollary is that for guys, being allowed to play with the bisexual girls is a big tub of awesome!

2. The more they seem to like you, the more you must avoid getting involved with people who are clearly psycho. For guys, this can be pared down to the central law “Don’t stick your dick in the crazy.”

3. There is no such thing as “too gloomy” when discussing rock music. There is no note for guys on this one.

4. Brushing your hair, no matter what the occasion, is purely optional.

5. Blow jobs don’t really count as sex, but are rather a part of foreplay. I’ve never heard the views on cunnilingus being similar, evidently going down on a girl is more important.

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to listen to grunge and check out this what this whole internet thing is about…

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