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5 things all guys need to know

This is not a complete list…

1. The best way into a girl’s pants is go through her mind. There are faster ways, but many of them are illegal and none of them give as good a result as the mind route does. Also, getting into her head increases your chanced for a return visit by about 900% so there’s that too.*

2. Football is for guys who want to watch other guys in tight pants slap each other on the ass and then roll around on the ground with each other. Wrestling too. I’m just saying.

3. There are limits to what duct tape can accomplish.

4. It’s okay to admit ignorance, so long as you do it before you’ve caused $7000 worth of damage and the fact that you don’t know what the hell you’re doing has become apparent to everyone.

5. Socks with sandals make you look like a prat.

*Yes, yes, I’m ignoring the fact that really a guy shouldn’t be judging everything by whether is gets him either sex or money, but you know… baby steps.

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