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This one goes down a particularly steep hill fairly quickly…

I think I’ve worked it out. I think I’ve sussed the whole Palin thing. The Republican team thinks there is an L in John McCain’s last name. They think his last name is McClane! Now they’ve become convinced that the election is the Nakatomi Towers and he just sent up a note to the terrorists/robbers with the message “Now I have a machine gun rock star. Ho! Ho! Ho!” in the hopes that the Dems will loose their shit and start screaming “Where are my detonators attack ads!”

To their credit, it’s worked. All the blogs have been talking all about Palin for a week and a half now. I’ve cracked wise a few times myself, but then I tend to crack wise a bit anyway. Everyone has been running around worrying about the VP choice so much that no one notices the actual candidate they’re supposed to be working with/against seems to have been replaced by an imperfect homunculus.

Seriously, have you taken a good hard look at John McCain lately?. Here is a story with a picture. The story isn’t important, just the head shot. He looks comfortable, confident, like a man you could believe in or at least disagree with in confidence. Now look at some more recent shots. I picked two because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t getting the worst shot possible. Again, don’t read the stories, the stories are pointless in my context. He looks shrunken, nervous, tired, like all the color has been slapped out of him. He also looks like he’s lost weight recently, like a lot of weight. Is he getting shot from bad angles? Is green just not his color? Is he okay? I mean… really. No joke, is he okay? Has he been taken away by the fairies and replaced with a changeling or what? That’s it, isn’t it? They’ve replaced our political leaders with Folger’s Crystals magical stand-ins haven’t they?

Fear not that the country will be spoiled by religious extremist, instead fear the fae folk are about to take over. We’ll have dobhar-chu in the treasury and fachen in the health services and then we will be truly and righteously fucked! Barak Obama can’t help you, look at him! He’s totally working a glamour spell on your asses, he’s one of them too! He’s some kind of elf king or something! I have no idea what Biden is… maybe a grogoch or something. Bush has clearly been a clurichaun all along and Clinton (Bill) is a gancanagh. The banshee joke has been omitted for being too easy. No! I am not sitting with a book of Irish folktales in front of me. All from memory baby!

Iron my friends, that is your only hope! That and voting for the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. When madness has taken over the earth, only the truly mad will be able to fight back.

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