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The Problem (A Poem)

The problem is not acquiring nuclear weapons
I can do that
That is not the issue
The Problem
The real problem
Is getting ENOUGH nuclear weapons

You would think
My contacts could get 15 bombs
There are more than that in one Russian sub
They say they can get a Russian sub
And yet
Only five missiles.
Something about a ‘per customer’ quota
And all the people Bush has pissed off


Dealing with middle men sucks
But I can’t speak Russian
And former KGB and I just don’t get along
Not since Burma anyway
I’ll admit I lost my head
But the shit had it coming

You do NOT talk about Prince like that
Man is a legend
People who say “Let’s go crazy” sucked
They deserve to be hung upside down and covered with honey
Then lowered into a fire ant hill
Don’t talk shit about Prince

September 16, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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