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Release Schedule

This has been cut and pasted from my LiveJournal posting, so excuse me if some of the information seems reduntant to you reading here.

Okay! First things first.

1. I will not be doing a NaNoWriMo project this year.
2. There will not be a new Jack Collier story this December.
3. I’m going to totally change how I post fiction on the internet.

Now for the good news. The reasons for the first three are as follows.
1. I’ve got enough projects going right now thanks.
2. There is a new story that’s going to start in November.
3. You won’t have to wait so long between your next fix for new Jack stuff.

Now for a fuller explanation.
1. I’m writing (or rather re-writing) the story that I was so hot for in September before my computer crashed. You may remember that I was very excited about the whole thing. My friend Sarah and I are just now editing the first four Jack Collier Stories, which probably means we won’t have them all done by Thanksgiving like I wanted. She might have her part done, but I doubt I’ll get my half done by then. If I do get it done, I’m going to get the first four stories sent to an On-Demand printer so those of you who want a paper copy can have one. This will be going on between other things I’m doing. So, no time for love Dr. Jones a new story.

2. Christmas Noir, the first story, will be reposted in its new form. The new title is Hard Boiled Christmas and you will have three options if you want to read it. I’ve got versions of I’ll come up with something in a minute over at WordPress and Blogger, and I’ll be posting the new story at those two locations starting December 1st. The third option is that I have set up a new LJ just for the man himself. If you you LiveJournal, you can friend Jack Collier which where the new version of the story is going to be posted as well. Or you can just keep reading here. When done, I’m also going to be posting Wonderland, Liberty’s Child and In the Cabinet in their cleaned up versions there and here as well.

3. The new story (which still doesn’t have a proper title) is going to be posted in my LJ, but I’m going to try a new tactic. The new story is going to start in November, and instead of posting a piece every day, I’m going to do it once a week. The new story is seven parts long, about five pages each. I think if I post on the weekend then you can read at your leisure. We’ll see how that goes. If it works, the even newer story (the one I’m working on now) will be posted in a similar fashion, only it’ll take longer than 7 weeks because the new-new story is longer. I’m also thinking that after HBC I’m going to post the re-furbished stories on a weekly basis too. I haven’t decided yet.

These new stories though… they’re different.
Particularly the short one for November, it’s not going to be what you’d expect. Well, the three people I asked to read it so I could bounce the idea off them, they know what to expect. That should be a shock, or maybe not. I haven’t let anyone pre-read any of the Jack stuff before this, but this one made me a little nervous so I needed a few extra nods of approval. Good thing I did too, saved that story from having to be re-written, which is something I don’t think I could have done frankly.

And who knows, maybe after I’ve done all that I’ll even get my gumption together and send a book out to get rejected by dozens and dozens of publishers and/or agents! Who knows, right?


Yeah, probably not.

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