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It is now Thanksgiving!

It is now Thanksgiving!

To that end, have a song! Vince Guaraldi’s Theme to the Thanksgiving Special

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(Sorry WordPress readers, you don’t get to hear the song because the code doesn’t work here! Check the Blogspot version of this post and you can hear it.)

Now please go somewhere and buy a copy of the song. It’s pretty much tied with The Great Pumpkin Waltz as my favorite Vince Guaraldi song and I think it could use the promotion.

Holly and I aren’t going anywhere because I have a policy about the holidays.
My police is this, “Fuck Arbor Day!”

Try is sometime…
Relative: You’re coming to Thanksgiving, right?
You: No.
Relative: Why?
You: Because Fuck Arbor day.
Relative: But I’m talking about Thanks… (it is important to cut them off and yell at this point)
You: I said, FUCK ARBOR DAY!

You will be surprised at how quickly people get the message that you’d rather sit half drunk, half asleep and half watching football instead of going to see people you don’t like but are related to by blood. In fact, if you really get into it, they might leave you alone all together. I don’t even drink or watch football, but I’m being allowed to sit at home and watch old westerns. Syd has no such policy and thus is being forced to go to her Grandmother’s house. Well, forced is probably a little strong, she’s not being held at gunpoint or anything. However, it does prove the usefulness of having a policy in place to deal with these situations.

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Internet Problems

One problem with the internet is that hyperbole becomes so darn easy. Once you have hyperbole, unless you’re careful you sound like you mean it all the time. Once you always sound like you mean it, then any thing that annoys you can sound like you think it’s earth shattering. At that point, my minor irritation becomes my momentary outrage, and that becomes Serious Business®.

I think it’s just too easy to sound like you’re really, really pissed off about something that only just sort of bugs you. Then, other people pick up on it and either share your outrage and want to make a cause out of something you forgot about before lunch, or they think you’re really that ticked over the fact that some chick on Heroes changed her hair slightly that they just laugh and laugh at you.

That’s the problem, momentary annoyance looks like Serious Business® in the cold realms of cyberspace.

Also, you know that any photo that is posted is potential fap material to someone. Seriously, this shot right here? Someone is very likely fapping to that right now.

Yeah, Serious Business®

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