I'll come up with something in a minute.

I have noitced.

You know what word you almost never hear anymore?


No one seems to use that one outside of people writing something they want to sound like Victorian Porn. Which is odd, because I recall only rarely seeing it in Victorian porn. Seriously, try this, take a random issue of The Pearl and count how many times cunny is used. Cunny might turn up once or twice an issue while cunt is used constantly. Quim doesn’t turn up as much as you might expect either, although quim does get more play than cunny.

For extra fun, try reading The Pearl out loud like you’re one of those women reading a book for a children’s TV show. Seriously, no greater hilarity exists than trying to keep a straight face while reading Victorian pornographic stories to a group with the same sort of voice you would use to tell little children about the adventures of semi-anthropomorphic animals.

While I’m on the subject, people should read out loud more. There used to be a thing about this, where a person would read aloud to the entire family. Of course in those days there was no internet, or Television, and heroin was still pretty pricey in those days before we got the whole golden triangle thing worked out. My point is that people should be reading more and shooting up less!

Also, just about everything I say is not safe for work in one way or another.

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