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Quick List

Once again, for a friend, I’m putting together a quick list of Holiday Specials I don’t hate for people who can’t spew bile as well as I do but still would like to watch something. My standard for acceptance here is that none of these send me into a blind rage of stabbity proportions…

The “Good!”
A Christmas Story which I’ll always put near the top, even though I still haven’t reviewed it. If I get Big Blue back in order before December is over I’ll do it this year.
Scrooge, the 1951 Alastair Sim version of A Christmas Carol, and the 1984 George C. Scott version of A Christmas Carol both get in the good column.
Will Vinton’s A Claymation Christmas Celebration: Good claymation, good music, only seriously misfires once.
The Simpsons’ Christmas Special because I love the sense of pathos they manage to produce in this first episode ever.
If you get the Rugrats Holiday Celebration you’ll end up with some good stuff and some eh stuff. The Chanukah special and The Santa Experience are both good. I’m not so keen on the other stuff, mostly it’s not bad though. I’m not a fan of the show after Dill shows up frankly.

The “Eh”
For TV episodes… The Avengers: Too Many Christmas Trees, Chef! “A Bird in the Hand” and A Nero Wolfe Mystery: Christmas Party. All three of these are cheats because they’re part of a TV show and you sort of have to buy the whole season to get the one program, but what the hell, you could bit-torrent it.
Rowan Atkinson is okay in Merry Christmas Mr. Bean and Blackadder’s Christmas Carol but I don’t jump up and down for either of them.
The Vicar of Dibley: The Christmas Lunch Incident is okay the first time, but it can’t be counted as an annual favorite. It falls under the same problem as the other episodes.

And the “Maybe”
Now I like Christmas Eve on Sesame Street, but I despise anything with Elmo in it. Elmo ruined Sesame Street, and while you’re free to disagree, you are wrong if you do so. I hate that an ensemble cast like that got turned into the Elmo show, fucking Elmo. Jar Jar Binks ain’t got shit on Elmo.
I also like It’s a Wonderful Red Green Christmas, but if you don’t dig Red Green you won’t like this. You can only watch it once every three years or so.
Then you’ve got all the things that take place during the holiday season, but aren’t actually Christmas movies.
Of course anime has a whole lot of holiday specials, but I feel that would be opening a door that’s best left shut really.

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