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Exactly what you feared

The people who brought you Prop 8 now want the courts to unmarry all the gays who got married when it was legal.

They are seriously saying they should be allowed to nullify a marriage they don’t like.

Slippery slope if you ask me, since a whole lot of people in this country don’t like the idea that black and white people can marry. A bunch of folk don’t like Christians and Muslims mixing. There are probably a few die hards in the Catholics and Protestants don’t mix crowd who would like a voice. See, that’s the problem, once they say that one kind of marriage is invalid, then you’ve really chipped a major section off the whole marriage is sacred argument (of course that argument has so many bits ripped off it that it’s only still holding together to give the holes in the logic a place to stay) and you can make any marriage illegal.

Therein lies the danger. Once the government can unmarry people, then you can’t have any security in the idea of being married.

Let me give you a simple example. Say we want to pass a law saying that illegal aliens can’t marry a citizen to get their green card. Now let’s say we word the law saying that an immigrant can’t marry a citizen while their legal status is in question. Now, because of the precedent set by unmarrying people retroactively, we could find ourselves taking entire families apart. If we’re not careful, we could nullify marriages that are decades old, and we’d raise a lot of questions that most of is would be happy not to need to answer. Where does the cut off point come in for how long a marriage exists? What about the children? What’s the legal status of a child who was born to an illegal alien considering how the current laws in that area are written? Does it count more or less if the couple were married in this country or the country of origin? What about people who came to this country legally, fell in love, got married and then started the application process? Their legality could be called into question, you could argue that said marriage isn’t valid.

See, that’s what I mean. You could start a lot of nasty arguments that way. Best not to unmarry people forcibly. It could get ugly.

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