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The water in the basement has fallen back a bit. For those of you who missed it, we had 18 inches of snow last week. Then on Saturday we had a day so hot the snow was steaming. Then we had water in the basement. Not the whole basement, it never filled the whole thing, but we had encroachments. We bailed like crazy but it did very little good and I think we may have over worked the sump pump. Two days later and the situation seems to have stabilized a bit.

There is less water than there was when I finally managed to get to bed last night. Rather I should say when I went to bed for the last time. I went to bed at 7 because I was completely wiped out from not really sleeping the night before, and then woke up at 9:30 to find that it was not 9:30 am, but rather that I had “slept” for only 2 and a half hours. Anyway I put markers on the floor so I could check the progress, but it’s so obvious the water has gone down. Also! Just for laughs, 2 of the places where I put markers are natural puddle locations. So while most the water has moved, there is still a puddle with its edge sitting right up against my marker.

Anyway, the water is down quite a bit today so I think I’ll go shop-vac some of it up because, you know, I like doing new things that I haven’t spent the last two days doing.

HOWEVER! I did get a 14 gallon shopvac for $30 on Saturday. No idea why, because I didn’t see any sale advertised and it was a $90 shop vac, but the receipt showed that it was the price for that item.

In consumer whore news, I bought The Men Who Killed Kennedy, The History of Rock and Roll and Mafia – The History of the Mob in America with my pagany pagan holiday money. I am now rich in new documentaries.

Then I ordered the Alien Quadrilogy and the Looney Tunes: Golden Collection Volumes 4, 5 and 6, which will mean I have all of them. Warner claims that 6 is the end of this project.

Now I have to update my Amazon Wishlist to get all the things people bought me and all the things I bought myself off it. Speaking of which, when we hit January the 12th day I’ll do a full run down with photos and everything.

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