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Things and steaming snow

One day I hope to post things that aren’t me bitching about stuff breaking.

The computer is fixed (and I’m actually starting to believe it won’t explode on me at any moment)
The basement isn’t dry yet, but the water is receding nicely. Mostly it was the equivalent of 90 feet of rain all in one afternoon that did it.
One or two people keep thinking I’m cranky, or angry, or that I’ve got a thorn in my paw or something. Partly the events of the last few months have caused stress, partly I’ve got a thorn in my paw, partly there’s something else.

Anyway, enough of that, let’s have some pictures…

Syd thought it would be cool to have King Kong as the tree topper this year. An angel wouldn’t have been appropriate for our house hold, and neither would a star, so she announced that King Kong would be awesome.

When I went to the store though, I became convinced that she wanted Godzilla. They had the 1968 version and the 2003, among others. So I bought two of them and decided she could pick the one she liked. She then announced that she’d said King Kong, and not Godzilla, but that I was very cute and she didn’t care which symbol of my delightful error went on the tree.

So they both went up!
This actually is one of those situations where I can quite legitimately say something like “Yeah, atomic lizards on my tree! Where’s your god now?”

Speaking of Syd, she actually took these shots of Fancy under the tree.

The steaming snow incident.

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