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Bugs Bunny

Watching older Warner Brothers’ cartoons (from the 1930s) has made me realize that Bugs Bunny is an interesting innovation. Before Bugs you had a problem, some comedy, then a violent outcome (Porky gets left behind, threatened, beat up, and then he grabs a machine gun and pwns some noobs*) that ends in our hero standing tall against adversity. Then Bugs comes along, and instead of action he relies on a coolheaded attitude and some quick word play. There was violence involved, but none of the ‘taking on 20 guys and whipping them all’ variety that came before. The violence became much more personal, relied on foolishness and over all was more horrifying if you really thought about it. Taking on 20 guys because you have to is one thing, screwing with Elmer Fudd’s mind because ‘why the hell’ not is another.

*Not an exaggeration, I just described Little Beau Porky and Porky’s Poultry Plant

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I was looking at my copies of the Looney Tunes Golden Collection, because I have all 6 sets now, and it occurred to me to count how many cartoons are in there. Around 410 as far as I can tell. It might depend on how you count things, if you count the bumpers made for the various TV shows and if you count cartoons included in some of the semi-documentaries and actual documentaries that aren’t just excuses to run bunny cartoons. I’m thinking 410 is probably a minimum number. There is a lot of material is my point. Not enough Private Snafu though.

So, along with having more documentaries than you, I probably have more cartoons than you too. Unless you’re some otaku who has stacks and stacks of anime, because while we have some anime around the place (mostly Syd’s) I can’t compete on otaku level. We do have an impressive number of animated shorts though, and probably more than most people. It’s not something to be smug or proud about but we’ve got a lot of cartoons around the place.

Need more claymation and early computer animation shorts though. I still need a DVD of The Minds Eye in fact. Not Beyond the Mind’s Eye, just the first one. Have it on VHS somewhere, I guess I could digitize it myself. Sorry, this doesn’t matter. I used to like short assemblages of computer animation.

Neat stuff.

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