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As I grow older, I find I’m growing less tolerant of marketing. Today we decided to get Arby’s for dinner. There is always marketing BS on the fries cups, but today’s just bugged the hell out of me. I mean look at this…


“Is it so wrong to think about Arby’s all the time?” asks the cute girl on the container for my flash fried frozen potato curls.

Well, yes, it is. It’s a fast food place, and not one of the big players in the game at that. If you find yourself thinking about them all the time, then something is very wrong in your life. Seriously, if you find yourself thinking constantly about a roast beef sandwich shop, it’s time to re-examine where you are and what you’re doing. Intervention time I would think.

If this were 1999, I wouldn’t even bother complaining about this. I probably wouldn’t have even noticed. Now though, now I want to find the people who put this campaign together and do things to them… horrible things. I want to make them drink red wine with fish, I want to force them to wear white pants in October, I even want to force them to eat those potato wedge things since the only fries they do now are curly fries and some people don’t like curly fries and those potato wedge things are just rubbing salt into the wound. Me? I like curly fries fine, but some people hate them and I must speak for them… you know… for justice and stuff.

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