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Odd Moment

So I’m listening to my music right? And this They Might be Giants song starts playing. Not really paying attention, but the chorus tells me “Everything you know is wrong/Black is white, up is down and short is long/And everything you thought was just so important doesn’t matter” and it’s a neat song and all. Then after the second time the chorus comes along there’s an accordion solo. Now, I know that TMBG has used accordions in the past, but whoever is playing is playing really fast, faster than I would normally expect in a TMBG song. In fact, it sounds sort of like Weird Al Yankovic playing.

I suspect one or two of you might be ahead of me on this one.

So I go ahead and actually start listening to the song after that, in fact I even go so far as to bring up the itunes window so I can see which album this song it on. Well, “Everything You Know Is Wrong” is from Bad Hair Day, and there is a reason it sounds like Weird Al playing. Although it is meant to be in the style of They Might be Giants so that at least explains why I made that mistake.

This my darlings, is what can happen when you get both the Weird Al and TMBG discography in the same month and then only sort of listen to things. Be warned.

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Part Five


The same Ford Hood ornament from the last post

A Nash billboard

I think this is a Buick, but I can’t really say I remember properly.

This is a Firebird II, I love this car. It’s a car from SPACE!

A bad shot of a Mercury hubcap

A Ford Hoodpiece.

Some racecars

A back of a Chrysler

Can’t seem to remember what this is.

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Blame Everyone

In a wonderful bit of satire, someone is pinning the credit crunch on David Bowie.

Thing is though, using that argument, you could blame Ford and GM too. They started who whole financing thing, which was just selling payment plans really. Then, like the banks, they realized there was more money in the payment plans than there was the actual product. The actual thing they were supposed to be doing became secondary, merely a means to get to the payment plan. The cars, like the actual loans the banks were giving, became lower quality until they were virtually worthless. Worse cars from Ford, mortgages that could never be paid.

Result? Found On Road Dead. The product being sold had no value, so the system eventually collapsed.

So really, we should be blaming the Auto Industry for the current mortgage crisis. That would make people in Washington happy, because they’ve been using the auto industry as a kicking post for some time anyway.

Actually, you could also blame the entertainment industry, who have been treating the customers like criminals. Anyone who actually obeys laws and pays like their supposed to gets screwed over while the layabouts/pirates remain virtually untouched and in many respects get a better deal since they’ll either get bailed out or can avoid rootkits depending on their situation. Since all they can do anymore is take the house away if you don’t pay the mortgage (since most thee guys have nothing else to take) and torrenting music, movies and games means your less likely to expose your computer to security flaws, it seems that the rewards go to the law breakers and honest people get the shaft.

Wait… The RIAA is part of the entertainment industry and David Bowie is a small part of the RIAA…

Man, it IS his fault.

Back and to the left. Back and to the left.

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