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As Ben Franklin said to King George the 3rd, “Bitch, please!”

So I read this story where Republicans are complaining that Obama is not bipartisan enough. What’s interesting is to read the comments where the people are complaining about the Republicans fucking around instead of fixing things. It’s about 10 to 1 against the Republicans right now. I’ve been getting this idea that they’re trying to play for an Obama failure so they can sweep in and take back the government, it doesn’t look like it’s going to work though. People are just getting madder at them because it looks like they’re fucking things up more. The GOP has a major PR problem at the moment, and it doesn’t look like they’re interested in fixing it.

The main problem is that the Republicans didn’t just shit the bed on the economy, they’ve been acting like they don’t even know they shit the bed and are still in the bed asking us when we’re going to climb back in with them. I don’t think we’re going to though. We voted them out. They lost the last election big time, but act like they’ve been acting like they won. They think they’re still doing great, despite the evidence to the contrary everywhere but DC based news. It’s not even like they caused the current problems, not all by themselves, but they certainly did nothing to help over the last 8 years. If you were feeling nasty you could argue they did all they could to make things worse. They’re brand is seriously damaged and they are quickly on their way to being the new boogey man for a big part of the country.

It gets even worse once I leave the anonymous internet and start going to people I actually know. That’s when people are getting really pissed off and demanding we line them all up against a wall for treason. Remember, I live in Michigan, one of those places that needs something to happen quick and every delay feels like it’s actually killing people. We’ve got some angry motherfuckers around here. Consider that I read recently that if we calculated the unemployment rate like they did during the Great Depression then the actual number would be around 17% unemployment. Consider also that the worst is very likely yet to come and we could see the highest numbers this country has ever had. And even if those numbers are off, even if they’ve be twisted, around here we actually can SEE all the closed businesses and we actually KNOW the people who have been put out of work. We don’t need statistics from people five states away to tell us our shit is fucked. We know how fucked our shit is. Couple that with a political party the looks more interested in playing games to make the president fail, emulating the Taliban and molesting children instead of, you know, helping the country and you’re engendering the sort of anger that causes Bastille storming.

As I’ve said on this subject before, the actual facts about what’s going on are actually becoming dangerously secondary to what people think is going on. It’s always been pretty secondary, but we’re now getting to the point where people are only going to want to know who to blame so they can hang them from the battlements come morning. This isn’t just panicky idiot number 3 talking either. It’s the talk of someone who has studied history quite closely. The last two times shit got this bad it was in France and later Russia. Now this maybe a spoiler, but all the rich people were killed in those situations.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, someone is going to have to do something pretty quick or we’re going to spiral down. Once the spiral starts it’ll go pretty quick, you can’t really stop it in mid-spin, you’ve got to stop it before it starts.

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