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5 Questions to Consider

1. How long until stories about kidnapped children dominate the media?

2. How long until thieves and murders are transformed into heroic Robin Hood figures again?

3. How long until we see signs stating that the unemployed should just keep going because “We can’t take care of our own.” start popping up again?

4. How much time until the breadlines?

5. How long until the Winter Palace gets the shit stormed out of it?

My guesses posing as answers:

1. Started about 18 months ago actually.

2. I’m guessing bank robbing is going to come back in a big way in the next 8 months.

3. I’m going to guess we’ll see one of these signs before the year is out.

4. Tricky, because the soup kitchens and food banks never really went away. We know what I mean though, we’re talking bread lines of this length. I don’t think things are that bad yet, give it another 18 months and we’ll see.

5. As I’ve said a few times, things aren’t nearly bad enough for that yet. They look bad, but they’d have to get a hell of a lot worse. I would say… 24 to 36 months. 18 at the soonest. Now that grants that someone doesn’t do something outrageously stupid before then that sparks off a reaction. History tells us that the only way to forestall that sort of thing is to warn of it early and hope someone gets scared enough to stop the process. A big enough spark could start to set things off now, but I think any explosions would be localized events that would fail to spread. Alternatively, a few good faith moves from the right quarters could give us all a lot of breathing room and release the tension with very little pain for anyone.

I’m very cheerful today, can’t you tell?

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It was a dark and stormy museum








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