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One simply cannot afford to piss off 4Chan.

I’m only glad that Anonymous is on our side.

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Henry Ford Museum (Signs and Lables)


A sample of a “Trip-pak” which seems to have been for traveling salesmen and the like.
And on the inside…


This is from back in the day when they’d include a little bit of yellow dye to mix in with the butter/margarine


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We’re busy… with… stuff!

I’m starting to get really tired of hearing “We’ve got bigger problems right now” as an excuse not to do things.
I was sympathetic towards Obama’s new gang when they first said they were putting investigating Bush Era criminals on the back burner, but it’s starting to sound like they’re just never going to get to investigating that. We’ve got bigger problems, you see. The… um Economy and stuff…yeah, that’s the ticket. Well, a lot of those problems are due to criminality on the part of the Bush people, so maybe you could start solving them by checking out what they did and how they screwed things up, yes? Might be helpful, working out what went wrong so we don’t do it again.

Now we’ve got a republican* (SHOCK!) that’s going to vote against making gay marriage possible in Minnesota because the state has bigger issues right now. I don’t get the logic on that at all. The vote is coming up in the senate. All he has to do is vote yes or no. Either way, it’s going to come to a vote so it’s being dealt with. Voting no won’t save anymore time, he doesn’t have a limited number of yes votes, so how is voting no helping to work on more important issues? If anything, getting a no vote will just result in more work because people want to be treated equally so it WILL come up again and he’ll have to vote on it all over again.
*The fact that he’s gay is neither here nor there really. It’s a lame excuse and lives up the stereotype that republicans hate rights for anyone but straight white christian men.

So when are we going to get to some of these other issues? In a week, a month a year? Or will the economy trump all other issues until protecting the children comes back as a foil to deflect these issues away?


Still, orange you glad they didn’t say 9/11?

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