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Henry Ford Museum: Trains and Luggage














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I has a swordy-sword

Look what came in the mail for ME today! One of these! I knew about it, we ordered it last week. This isn’t some gift from a secret admirer, more a gift from a public admirer that I get to hug and kiss everyday. The really cool part is that it’s just as great as those pictures suggest, which I think we all know is something of a victory in the annals of catalogue shopping. The only things are the scabbard is a darker red than the pictures suggest (very cool) and the furniture is painted rather than being gilded which doesn’t affect me either way because it’s pretty gorgeous for the price.

Now tp just get myself one of these and I’ll have a matched set. Almost, the contrast will look cool I think. Of course I could just get one of these or these and have an actual matched set. Actually, the problem is the sets I want don’t get sold as sets and I don’t feel like providing links for all three blades from two different sets just to say “these or these” ya know?


Anyway, point is, good sword, happy me.

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Singing a song of sixpence

Sing a song of buttsex
A pocket full of lube
Four and twenty milliliters
Sealed in a tube
When the hole is lubricated
You can slip you member in
Isn’t it a kinky way
To commit a little sin?

And you know, the king is supposed to be counting his bling while all this is going on?
And the queen is “in the Parlor” eating “bread and honey” if you know what I mean.

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I’m not a big Beatles fan.

I resisted even listening to them for a long time because in my view anything over hyped is to be avoided. Hype kills things, and often it kills them dead. I’ve seen Citizen Kane four times in my life and each time I spent a solid ten minutes after shouting “So what’s the big deal? NO! Really? What the hell is the big deal about this thing?” because it just fails to live up to the hype.

So, I avoided the Beatles for a long long time. My Dad lent me a copy of Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt. Pepper a few years ago so I could put them on my computer and when I had to rebuild my entire collection because of the crashed computer I got all of Syd’s Dad’s music. Her dad has like everything the Beatles ever did, like… three times. I had to do a lot of comparing to figure out which was just a second copy and which were actually different versions of songs. That’s also how I got a copy of Hot Rods & Custom Classics, which contains more songs about cars and cruisin’ than are dreamed of in your philosophy, let me tell you Horatio Internets. That’s how I got Hey Little Cobra stuck in my head for three days.

The point I’m slowly trying to make is that while I’m still not a big Beatles fan, I am willing to admit that they don’t suck. I’m also going to concede that Penny Lane is a better song to have stuck in your head all day than either Hey Little Cobra or Whip It for that matter. Also, wants it known that you can whip it well, or whip it properly, but you can’t whip it good. I tried to tell her that “Whip it well” would scan properly but she insists you could just rewrite the lyrics.

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