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Oh for the love of cheese corn!

You know, it’s the internet right?

You can say almost any thing you want in your blog. YES! This is a fact. There are certain realms that some blog companies will suspend you over, but they tend to be because the things you’re doing/saying are against the law. You may not like the fact that trading music without the copyright holder’s permission is illegal, but that don’t make it not so. Same with anything sexual involving anyone under 18.

If you live in America, or post on the right parts of the internet, you can pretty much say whatever the hell you like. Let me show you something…

Ronald Regan sucks cocks in hell while Dashiell Hammett gives him a never ending hand job!

See? I can say that. No one can stop me from saying that. Someone may ask why I’d want to, but they can’t actually force me to retract the statement that the 40th President of the USA likes to make tube steak into a mouth organ in a ring of Dante’s fun house while a lefty drunk detective writer keeps his end up. It’s understandable that they might ask why I’d want to say that. However, no one can stop me from posting it. If I weren’t using such a bizarre and extreme example I could probably expect to get some complaints about what I said. I may still. Some right wing nit wit who thinks tax cuts are the answer to everything from fixing our economy to curing the common cold and that all minorities are born criminals might bristle under the idea of their favorite icon being talked about, but there isn’t much they can do about it. Likewise, some lefty, semi-commie detective story lover who wants to force churches to perform gay marriages in cloud of state subsidized pot and thinks letting children starve to death on the street is somehow wrong might complain about one of the better writers of that genre giving a man who helped persecute him a peter pull.

Both groups would have a valid complaint about that statement. Unless I removed the comment feature from this post, both groups could call and complain. And I could then explain to both groups that whambulances are provided to my left and to my right so they don’t have to go in a direction unfamiliar to them and they can avoid riding with each other on their way to the Lil’ Bitches Daycare Center.

The point is though, that neither of them can stop me from saying it. I could put that sentence on a t-shirt and sell them at Café Press if I wanted. Again, you might ask why I would do that, but I doubt you could stop me. There might be some issues with Café Press’s TOS, but let’s pretend there aren’t for the moment. So long as I’m not violating their terms of service, Café Press will let me sell shirts with that ridiculous slogan on them.

I can say whatever I want on my little section of the internet, and I often do.

However, if someone decides they don’t like me because I insulted ol’ Dash, then they can decry me in the comments section. If someone gets offended because I said bad thing about Regan, they can post a diatribe about it on their own part of the internet. If I say dumb shit, people are entitled to call me on it. They should call me on it. It’s a foolish thing to say! Everyone knows that Dashiell Hammett can’t be in hell giving Ronald Regan a hand job while he sucks every dick that comes his way, because hell doesn’t exist. That’s just Ronnie and Dash’s version of heaven and we shouldn’t judge them.

The point I’m ever so slowly getting to is that if people do call me on this dumb shit, they aren’t violating my rights. No matter where or how they complain, they aren’t doing anything to oppress me. In fact, if I demanded someone stop them from complaining about me, or if I deleted their comments, I would be oppressing them in my own small way.

Freedom to speak does not equate freedom from the consequences of that speech. Having to face the ire of people who don’t like what you say is not a violation of your right to speak. If you’re going to say dumb things, people are going to call you on it. If you say objectionable things, then people will object. None of that prevents you from saying it though, watch…

Ronald Regan sucks cocks in hell while Dashiell Hammett gives him a never ending hand job!

See? I said it again! And if someone tells me they’ll buy it, I may go to Café Press and make it into a t-shirt. Been thinking about making a Café Press store anyway. The world totally needs a mug that says “SHWANEKEE!” and a thong with Fancy’s face on it. Totally!

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