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Singing a song of sixpence

Sing a song of buttsex
A pocket full of lube
Four and twenty milliliters
Sealed in a tube
When the hole is lubricated
You can slip you member in
Isn’t it a kinky way
To commit a little sin?

And you know, the king is supposed to be counting his bling while all this is going on?
And the queen is “in the Parlor” eating “bread and honey” if you know what I mean.

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I’m not a big Beatles fan.

I resisted even listening to them for a long time because in my view anything over hyped is to be avoided. Hype kills things, and often it kills them dead. I’ve seen Citizen Kane four times in my life and each time I spent a solid ten minutes after shouting “So what’s the big deal? NO! Really? What the hell is the big deal about this thing?” because it just fails to live up to the hype.

So, I avoided the Beatles for a long long time. My Dad lent me a copy of Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt. Pepper a few years ago so I could put them on my computer and when I had to rebuild my entire collection because of the crashed computer I got all of Syd’s Dad’s music. Her dad has like everything the Beatles ever did, like… three times. I had to do a lot of comparing to figure out which was just a second copy and which were actually different versions of songs. That’s also how I got a copy of Hot Rods & Custom Classics, which contains more songs about cars and cruisin’ than are dreamed of in your philosophy, let me tell you Horatio Internets. That’s how I got Hey Little Cobra stuck in my head for three days.

The point I’m slowly trying to make is that while I’m still not a big Beatles fan, I am willing to admit that they don’t suck. I’m also going to concede that Penny Lane is a better song to have stuck in your head all day than either Hey Little Cobra or Whip It for that matter. Also, wants it known that you can whip it well, or whip it properly, but you can’t whip it good. I tried to tell her that “Whip it well” would scan properly but she insists you could just rewrite the lyrics.

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Deepish thought

If you watch the music video for Penny Lane, while wearing headphones, then Penny Lane really is in you ears and in your eyes.

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Fokker Airplanes and my incredible lack of maturity.

This is a Fokker airplane, used by the Byrd Expedition trying to fly over the North Pole.

Now on the wings, they wrote Fokker. But of course they wrote it to span both wings… So it looks like this.


You can see where I’m going with this can’t you? I mean they did just put FOK right there, and I do swear a lot…
There it is, in icon form. Proof that I am actually an erudite 9 year old

Anyway, let’s look at this plane some more.

They did sort of label it on every side they could think of, didn’t they?

Wright engines.


The end

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Henry Ford Museum: Hallways





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Henry Ford Museum: Cars





It’s a Tucker!

I love this Ford’s hood ornament. I need a tripod though, because I can never get a good shot of it.




It’s like an exploded diagram, only with a real car!






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There just aren’t enough songs about fisting. I’ve noticed this. No tunes about expressing “I love you most when you go up to the wrist” or other such sentiments.

Felching. I think I’ve mentioned a lack of song about felching in the past. Is a nice romantic felching tune too much to ask for? Nothing gratuitous, nothing dirty, just a sweet song about felching. Maybe set to a country tune.

Anal, not enough songs about buttsex. There are some songs, but not enough.

Just things I notice from time to time.

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Yes, these are all wood stoves.

Neat, huh?

Let’s have some detail…

That one is sort of small really. I’m not sure it comes off being as small in the shot.


This one is great

Working our way up.






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Twa Corbies

We have twa corbies flying around the house today! Except by the time I decided to get some pictures, they’d decided to start flying around and not sit next to each other. I can’t get more picture on Flickr until next month anyway.

Ah well, have some music.

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My confidence is dropping

I’m going to be honest kiddos, I didn’t even finish the trailer for Watchmen.

Too much slow mo, too many guys being thrown 30 feet, too many super jumps. I got about a minute and a half in and turned it off. You can’t have the 30 foot throwing and the eighteen foot jumps in Watchmen. Watchmen was supposed to be like a naturalistic answer to the super hero bullshit. It just looked, from the 88 seconds of the trailer I watched before switching it off, like they just didn’t get it at all. They look like they’re going to make Watchmen into the Matrix and I just can’t be party to that. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be proven wrong, but I won’t pay $12 (TWELVE FUCKING DOLLARS FOR A MOVIE TICKET!) on the off chance that they’ll prove me wrong.

Granted, I didn’t have a lot of confidence in this to begin with. Zack Snyder is, forgive my bluntness, a fucking idiot anyway. I didn’t really watch Dawn of the Dead, I just skipped through it to after the first ten minutes to watch three and five minute bits. There is only so much “Let’s put stereotypes in a mall and see what happens” bullshit I can take. “No, we don’t need real characters, one note stereotypes will do thanks” is not a story telling technique. And zombies don’t run. They just don’t. It’s okay if you want to say they do, just like it’s okay if you want to say the sun orbits the earth, but you’re wrong!

I didn’t like 300 either, but then I’m a heterosexual male so there really wasn’t anything there for me. It was the gayest thing I have ever seen. It was gayer than the comic book, which is something of an accomplishment since we’re dealing with Frank “Nancy” Miller’s later work here. That movie could have only have been gayer if Leonidas has a lisp and a limp wrist. And yet they tried to claim it was the Athenians who were queer. Shit, the Spartans in that thing were so far in the closet they almost had the battle of Thermopylae take place in Narnia rather than Greece. And if you sped up all the slow-mo in that movie to normal speed, the whole thing would only be about 45 minutes long. You can’t have an arch if your whole movie is one big climax. We won’t dwell on the fact that the movie is a big gay right wing wet dream about killing all the darkies that come our way while cuddling up with big muscular men who tell each other it’s not gay if balls aren’t touching, but we will mention it.

So I will grant that I didn’t have a great deal of confidence in this movie to start with, but the more I’ve seen the less confidence I’ve had. This is only the second thing for it I’ve seen, but I have been less impressed each time so far. I’m going to have to wait until people who I know and trust have seen it and tell me if it’s any good or not. I won’t spend my own money to find out though, and I probably won’t sit in a theater where I can’t just get up and walk away either. It’s too expensive and my tolerance for shit has all but vanished in the last few years. Go on, tell me it’s just a trailer. Go on, say it. SORRY! The point of a trailer is to sell me a movie, and these trailers have not sold me. Nothing gets a free ride with me anymore. There are simply too many thing vying for my attention to waste time on something I don’t think I’ll like. I’ve got other things to do. I’ve got too many movies to watch (about 200 of them just in my living room) too many books to read, too many video games to play and too many hot sexy ladies to try and woo to waste my time on garbage that I don’t enjoy anymore. I’ll waste my time on garbage I do enjoy though, but it’s got to have charm and personality. These days, we’ve got to be talking about one charming mother fucking movie. Zack Snyder would have to be about ten times more charming than that Arnold on Green Acres for me to consider consuming his work again.

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