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Two Questions!

What is the worst “good” movie you know of? I don’t mean Manos: The Hands of Fate, nor do I mean mainstream stinkers like Catwoman. No, I mean things that are regarded as good by a bunch of people but you just don’t like.

Take the Bourne Movies, Supremacy to be specific. I like it, I think it’s got a good level of kinetic energy and I found the shaky camera to be an innovative and interesting (if slightly over done) effect. However, I know a lot of people disliked, often for the shaky cam although the underdeveloped parts of the plot did get a mention now and then. I’ll grant the critics have a point, but the Moscow Chase at the end makes up for a lot. I’ve only seen the whole movie twice since we bought it on DVD, but I’ve seen that chase twenty or thirty times. I like car chases, I don’t have to justify myself to you! don’t judge me

My point is that I’m looking for a supposedly good movie that you Just Don’t Like. I’m going to exclude anything that’s been on MST3K right away, which does mean no Titanic I’m afraid. (Check your illegally downloaded collection. It’s in there with Good Will Hunting and As Good As It Gets for one of the Oscar Preview shows they did for the sci-fi channel.) Actually I’d like to not see any of the usual suspects (although you could mention The Usual Suspects if you wanted) so no Star Trek… well anything odd numbered really, no Star Wars Prequels, nothing like that.

What I’m really looking for here is the movie you think is lousy but seem to be the only one not blinded to its massive flaws. I would pick Batman Begins, which I started thinking was okay but after the baddie pulled the old “Now that I’ve shown you my plans I have to kill you” shtick, the movie just died and never recovered.

NOW! Let’s discuss the other half.

What is the best “bad” movie you can think of? At this point you can mention anything, so long as there is a general consensus that it’s a lousy movie. Use of MST3K’s episode list is not only welcome, it’s encouraged. The proviso there is that you must enjoy the movie on its own without Joel, Mike and the bots. I would almost like to demand you own a copy of the movie and can present the DVD or tape upon demand, but how the hell am I going to do that?

I would like to go with Sadko, which actually a wonderful movie if you watch the original. The problem is, what made it bad was the English translation. That’s true of a lot of the foreign movies they showed.

Having to pick a movie that I would watch on its own merits, even though I know its crap, I’m going to go with The Promise. No translation error can excuse this mess of a film. I actually wonder if watching the American cut makes it better or worse. I will watch it again, hopefully in the company of friends because while it’s hilariously bad as Love HK Film said, it is also Easily the most entertaining and gorgeous train wreck of the year.

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Electric Cars

I just had a thought, reading over another electric car story, like I do.

Is it possible we’ve gone about this the wrong way? Europe is a proven market for small cars that don’t need to really travel over hugely long distances. I can’t imagine a per-charge range of 200 km would be that big a detriment if you’re only driving from one end of Paris to the other end of Paris. Most European cities are filled with cars that make Americans gasp and as I understand it, those cars are only really meant for inner city travel. Of course the fact that a lot of these cities have good rail service makes the whole car thing questionable, but we’ll leave that for the moment because some people must have cars. One could argue that you could hardly take the car out of the city, thus negating its usefulness. I suppose I would need to know more about the actual driving habits of Europeans to be able to judge.

America is way too spread out for the electric cars I’ve seen. In Michigan, unless you live in a few specific places, almost everything requires a car ride. It’s two miles to the nearest grocery store for us, and we don’t even have sidewalks for most of that. You could expect to be in the car for 1 to 4 hours just driving to and from work everyday. Two hours there and two hours back is a lot, but it’s not unheard of and isn’t really that excessive. Even if we had a better rail system, I’m not sure it would help all that much. We would probably still have to drive a lot because things are really far away and Americans have been trained to be lazy over the last 50 years.

Either that, or maybe the electric car really isn’t ready for prime time. I’m not sure.

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Hit One, Miss One

The Seven-Ups is a movie you’ve probably never heard of. There is a reasons for this. It’s not a great movie. Not bad, not exactly, but it wants to be across between Dirty Harry and The French Connection and it doesn’t really make it. I have a problem when a movie tries to make a car wash seem dramatic by blaring the scary orchestra stabs at me. No, I’m not joking. The orchestra also goes crazy when a guy is dropped off by a cab and the cab turns around to leave. Yeah, the music starts about the time he gets out the cab and stops as the cab drives away after turning around. It’s just another early 70s New York cop movie and while it’s not a complete waste of time I think I would only watch it again in the company of bots. The big car chase had everything except two guys carrying a big plate glass window across the street.

The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre faired better with Syd and I. I was thinking it was going to be cheep shlocky stuff upon seeing it was Directed by Roger Corman, but no! Actually it was pretty good. It was pretty historically accurate, not too over done or silly, I liked it. There is just one bit where Corman takes the camera handheld during a fight and it just doesn’t fit with the rest of the movie. Over all though, I approve.

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