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My First Swords of Might Grab Bag

Grab bags are a gamble, but usually one that pats off enough for you to want to play again. Does anyone remember my adventure with the Archie McFee surprise bag? You should, some of you now have the stuff featured in those photos.

Now I’ve learned a little about how these things tend to work recently. You tend to get three kinds of items in a grab bag. Overstocked items that aren’t shifting fast enough, discontinued items that are just lying around taking up space, and samples from manufactures that can’t really be sold as normal products. From what I’ve learned they tend not to be big profit items, if you get a $50 grab bag, then it probably cost them close to $50 to fill it. However, and this is the important part, if you check the list price you can often find you’ve got anywhere between two and five times the value of the amount you paid. A $50 dollar grab bag can get you $150 worth of stuff (by the prices listed in the catalogue) so it usually comes off feeling like a good deal. It works for the shop, because they get rid of unmoving stock, make a sale, and the customer usually feels fairly warmly toward the shop.

The only real peril in buying a grab bag is that you never know if what you’re going to get in the package. No choice means it could be a lot of junk, or just stuff you plain aren’t interested in. However, as people learned to their possible chagrin, I have ways of dealing with that. I keep a drawer O’ fun and the things I don’t want go in the drawer for later distribution. Actually the drawer is the third stop. Syd and Hol get pick over stuff I’m not interested in before the drawer gets it.

So what I’m leading up to is another set of photos! Today’s box O’ fun comes from Swords Of Might and I got the $100 option.

SO I start with the box. It’s about 4 foot tall.


36.7 lbs


So what happens when we open the box?

Now I saw the big box on the right, but I didn’t want to get to the big stuff at the start. So I moved some of those packing peanuts aside and started on something smaller. Now, we’ve got $100 that we paid, so what value did we get? I’ll keep a running tab of the prices.

A skull goblet that should cost $22.50.

Well, it’s pretty ugly, but in a neat way. I’m quite fond of ugly, but skulls bore me. There is actually a glass in the goblet though. You can remove it from the resin base, which makes it easier to clean.

Skull ashtray? Is it worth $18? Up to $40.50

Oh my dear, you are ugly aren’t you? Doesn’t need to be used as an ashtray. You could use it as a present for people who like skulls.

Now, there was another sticker on this box claiming $49.99. I didn’t notice it until after I put the camera away. I’m claiming the lower price for fairness, so we’ll say it’s 90.49 so far.

Oh my lovely, you are ugly aren’t you?

A hideous metal pole. And what does it do?

You pull it apart and there are two swords inside. I’d promised Syd she could have one of the swords, but I soooo wanted to keep this one for myself.

Hmmm…. No marker of price. Gimme a second.

I think the best thing in the package is in this box.

Sword, bag, that box contains a stand.

Layered steel? Not bad.

Nice looking…
I got kinda pissed, because I’d promised Syd one of the swords right? I wanted that ugly pull apart sword, but I would be damned if I was giving up this beauty. I sighed and resigned myself to her taking the ugly dragon sword.

Very nice. There is bit of damage on the back of the box (not pictured) which is probably how this got into the grab bag. However! There is no damage to anything else in there, just the carrier box which will probably end up tucked away in a closet until we move and I need it again. So who cares if there is a dent in the box?

I didn’t get a better shot of the scabbard. Now… I didn’t find this sword, but I found things like it. Looks about worth $250 on the site. So that puts us up to $340.49 now.


The handle is wrapped in plastic!

Decent blade I guess. I can’t find it on the site… let’s say… $15 which brings us up to $355.49 so far.

Simple 8 sword wall hanger. I can’t find it on the site, they’ve got one like it that goes for $24.99, but this one is a bit more simplistic than that one. Say 19.99 which brings us to $375.48 now.

I did not see Eragon. HOWEVER! This would probably be a sword I could give to Syd. It looks okay, right? She wouldn’t want my ugly, ugly pull apart blade… right?

I clearly decided that I needed two shots of it uploaded onto the internet.

Original price? $169.99! Total? $545.47

Back of the box.

Comes with a plaque!

Nice looking sword.

Decent detail.

Interesting pommel.

Are we done yet? Well no. I saw the bottom of the box, I didn’t see anymore stuff. I grabbed the box and heard something rattle. I didn’t want to reach to the bottom of the box. So I upturned it…

Cheap folders!

Whenever you see something calling itself a “Super Knife” and claims “Best Quality” you know you’re getting shit. Nothing on the box claims its price. I’m pegging it at $9.99 for reasons you’ll soon discover. $555.46 for those of you keeping score.


MEH! Nothing wrong with it… I guess.

Night Warrior? $9.99? That sounds more promising. ($565.45 btw)

Oh look at that box. You KNOW something terrible lies within.

OH! I am entraptured!

How terrible! OOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

No idea who Tom Anderson is, but he made a knife that got a Tom Cruise movie named after it.

$9.99? I am noticing a pattern! 575.44

Looks okay. You notice it comes with a tool?

That tool (in this shot at well) is for tightening or loosening the tension on the blade. So it won’t flip open too easy but you can crank it down if it’s too hard. Not wild about this blade design, but Holly might like it. Or someone else might like it.

SILVER! DAMASCUS! KNIFE! The words themselves fill me with horror. $9.99 again! Leading to a current value of 585.43 which ain’t too bad.

Not just any knife, a DELUX knife.

That’s deluxe these days, is it?

I am not blow away by the deluxness.

Oh M Tech, it’s so cute that you’d suggest a retail price of $19.99. It’s cute that the shop made it the customary $9.99 leading us to a $595.42 total value.

Actually, not a bad looking knife. And we get another tension tool.

So what do we have? 12 items, had they inserted just one more knife we’d have a $600+ value, and while not everything is awesome, I got some things I really like. The folders can be picked over by Syd and Holly, and anything they don’t select will go in the drawer for later distribution. All in all, pleased!

Next time I hope to snag one of BudK’s grab bags, which are cheaper and probably come filled with wonderfully cheap folders.

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  1. Oh! So much shiny! Which one does Syd get? Durza’s sword is pretty cool even though I’m meh about both books and movie.

    Comment by Tine | August 14, 2009 | Reply

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