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Vanishing Standards

I was always told that a guy liking girl on girl action was standard and that guys wanting oral sex from women was also standard. For years I followed along, because it just seemed to be the case. I am certainly a devout believer in the girl/girl/blowjob standard, but as I grow older I find that actually it’s a lie. Hang on now. I’m not saying that watching two girls go at it while a third felates you isn’t awesome. No, no, that isn’t a lie and neither is the cake. Calm down!

No, the lie is that all men, or even most men would find that awesome. Over the years I’ve heard tales of guys running from the room when some girls have decided that it’s Bi-o’clock and grabbed whatever female was near for a smooch. I’ve heard tales of guys who just sit rigid and terrified while some girl does her best to get him off with her mouth. I’ve even heard of men who don’t want to sexually dominate or demean women. In fact, the more I delve into the subject the more often I hear “I thought men were supposed to like that” tumbling from the mouths of women. It seems that something has cracked in the last 10 to 20 years and guys are admitting that not all of them want to see or be a part of things that we were all supposed to want in years past. The accepted standard might not really be standard after all.

I suspect that this standard never really was the standard. Men might have talked about all the things they thought were supposed to be cool, but it seems that for most of them the opportunity might never come up so it was safe. These days, what with everyone being more open, honest and easily connected, one need not make a request more than twice before finding someone who will give it a try. This of course means facing the situation. Which in turn means admitting that it’s either just what you wanted or something that doesn’t interest you in the least.

It used to be that three ways were three ways and they were desirable. It used to be that a blow jobs was a blow job, and it was a must have. And art was art, wasn’t it? Still, on the other hand, water was water! And east was east and west was west and if you took cranberries and stewed them like applesauce then they’d taste much more like prunes than rhubarb would.

Now, none of that can be a given. Things are not as I was always told they were.

There is more to be said about this, but I’ve got a massive headache and I just wanted to get this idea down.

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