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A Reputation

Reputations are a problem. There is a thing I’ve always wanted to do, because I want to see if I’ll get the expected result, but I have such a reputation that if I asked a waiter at a restaurant for a lightly grilled baby most people wouldn’t even blink. They’d just tell me it wasn’t on the menu and I should pick another option.

The thing I’ve always wanted to do was to offer to hook up two gays. Like, I would go up to a gay man and say “Oh, you’re gay? I know someone who is gay, you want me to fix you up? Because I think you’d make such a cute couple, you’re gay, she’s gay, and you’d look adorable.” And then just wait until someone noticed what I’d actually just suggested. I think it would be wonderful, particularly with the right person standing next to them because I’ve never quite gotten the exact look of “Wha-huh?” that I think that statement would create.

The problem is that almost all the non-straight people I know are bi-sexual, or have some level of bi in their orientation so it wouldn’t work with them. I know a fair few actually solid real live not interested in what the other side is offering gays, but like 90% of the “not rigidly boring”* people I know are omnivores at the great sex cook out. Why is it that? Do I just know a shockingly large number of switch hitters, do I just know more than is healthy about everyone else’s sex lives, or are there a lot more people taking the Pepsi Challenge these days?

*Not that there’s anything actually wrong with being straight. My own grandmother was probably straight. I know many very nice people who are straight, it doesn’t mean you’ve failed at life. I’m straight, but I did mention the N word and of the many things I am, nice ain’t one of them. Also I’m not rigidly boring because poly is a non-stop thrill ride.

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Old Pics: Because if I don’t make the Baby Jesus cry, then who will?

This really is just picking up where the last set left off. I didn’t want to over load any one post so I broke them up.

This is part of a saw mill

Here you have the saw blade.

Another sawmill actually

Part of a wall

Looks like a painting, in the composition I mean. Sort of a 19th century realist sort of thing. If only there was a nude woman having a picnic in the fore ground… I wouldn’t have been wasting my time photographing that stupid farmhouse.

There was a building that was disused, I decided to see what was inside.

Side of that building

Inside the barn

Sort of Catherdral like isn’t it?



The paint is pealing off some of these buildings, they’re restoring a bunch of them

Ornate door hinges

The top of the hinges were shapped too I noticed.



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