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Last one for a while

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Hope you don’t mind…

I am sort of bleh because I am very tired…

So I might as well post more pictures!

This is the big version of my first attempt

Tried to see how much I could get out of changing the contrast, tried to make it darker.

Just went crazy

I tried to make it lighter and then even lighter, I think this one really turned out well. In fact, this one is probably my favorite, which probably mean it’s the only one that’s even acceptable. If I create 10 things and discard nine of them, I’ve still got one really good piece. One good piece is better than no pieces at all.

Then I faded this one out as well, it didn’t do as well

This one looks more manipulated than some of the others, but then this wasn’t a great shot to begin with. I thought if I took a sort of crap shot I might make it better.

I ran this one back and forth through the blur and sharpen filters as well as all the other stuff, jsut to see what I’d get.

It’s a wheel! In high contrast!

What happens if I just turn the blur filter on and leave it?

I’ll end with a kitty, everyone likes kitties. Except total bastards of course.

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More Old pics

I was trying to get some layered shots with things in focus in both foreground and background, as well as my usually detail pics. Not sure how well I did, but we’ll see.

Sadly, the sense of depth just doesn’t come off in this first shot. I should have been closer because it looks very flat to me but it was lovely when I saw it.

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