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I remember years ago Richard Pryor had a comment about cocaine. Something along the lines of “it’s an epidemic now… that means white folk are doing it”
I wonder what he’d say about this study that says More whites, fewer blacks going to prison for drugs, and this tiny part of me wonders if that’s going to cause people to demand a change in drugs laws. Because, you know, it was okay to warehouse blacks in progressively more overcrowded jails, but now white folk are getting busted and that just shouldn’t happen. Yes, I do believe most people are more or less racist turds. It’s not really a race thing for me though, it’s just I believe that 98% of the worlds population are selfish, stupid, greedy assholes.

And did I mention violent? That’s called a segue by the way. It helps link unrelated ideas. Like I link the last story to this one where Hulk Hogan has announced “I totally understand O.J. I get it” He went on to elaborate “I could have turned everything into a crime scene like O.J., cutting everybody’s throat,” just in case you didn’t quite catch his drift. Oh sure, he tried to have his people backpeddle for him after that, but he pretty much played right into his wife’s hands with that statement.

And speaking of people who can’t catch a break, (Hey fuck you! This segue shit is harder than it looks okay?) the Marsh Arabs of Iraq can’t seem to catch one either. Saddam drained their lakes, the UN tried to restore them, and then a 2 year drought came in and bent them back over the table just as they were starting to stand up and look for some cream for their sore backsides.

I have no clever link for this story titled The dark side of Dubai unless you want to linked being totally boned and trapped in the desert or something. Yeah, I probably could have linked them like that, couldn’t I?

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Reused Drawings

I found this story about Disney re-using… I guess reference drawings interesting, but not for the reason intended. What I find interesting is that the video isn’t at all what I would have used. They talk about re-using animation, which Disney does, but the drawings they show in the video require a more subtle eye. The animation in the video seems to be several pieces that use the same reference art. This isn’t taking cells from an old movie and putting them in the back ground to create a livelier city scene (watch Robin Hood and then Mickey’s Christmas Carol* one right after the other and you’ll see what I mean) or inserting old animation into a scene because you want to re-use a character but don’t feel like making fresh drawings (Mickey’s Christmas Carol again) or anything like that.

What you have in this video are shots where characters were animated the exact same twice, sometimes right down to the waggle of a head or flicker of an ear. That I find very interesting. The scenes still had to be drawn, inked and painted by hand, but they clearly follow the same reference sketches over which I find interesting. I’m not sure pointing out the dance at the end of Beauty and the Beast is fair though, or at least it’s no great discovery, since it was intended.

Like I said though, it seems sort of petty to point these out the way the story does. Calling them lazy or stupid when they were merely trying to save money during a difficult time. Particularly in the 70s and early 80s Disney, as a company, got its ass handed to it. There almost was no Disney after Walt died, so they did a few things to cut a little bit of expense while trying new techniques and trying to tell different kinds of stories. I find it interesting that while those days had some questionable animation, the stories they were telling into those dark days were some of the company’s more diverse and interesting. Hell, one of the end results is that it got us The Black Cauldron, which is still one of their most underrated films.

It really makes me bristle since I know of far more direct ways they really reused drawings and cells (really, watch Mickey’s Christmas Carol with a careful eye, half that thing was reused animation) to mind a few sketches being drawn over again. They did have some lazy days, but for the most part they tried like crazy to make a product that would let them spend their dwindling resources in an interesting and innovative way.

And that’s really strange coming from me because I don’t even like Disney Features that much. I’m more of a fan of their strange little experimental bits that came in the form of shorts like The Truth about Mother Goose (here is part two of that cartoon), Pigs is Pigs and Jack and Old Mac to the full length stuff that had to rely on stories and less nuttiness.

Hey look! I can embed the video directly! The video is interesting, but I wouldn’t use it as a comment on laziness so much as a comment on how one can creatively reuse source drawings in a way people won’t notice for 30 years.

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Only it doesn’t seem to embed in WordPress, so you can follow the link here and see the video if you like.

*I’m not saying Mickey’s Christmas Carol is bad because of that, I’m jsut saying they do reuse a lot of animation. I say it’s bad for other reasons which you can read here.

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