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You know

Those six months I spent as a groupie for Up With People were the darkest days of my life.

Yeah, I’d sort of misunderstood what kind of music they did, and by then I’d already bought the tickets and it’s just a really long story.


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Do Not Park

I just got this off my cell phone. In September I went to a store and saw this on a parking space…

As you can see, no one parked there.

There was still no one parked there when we came out. No one EVER parked there again.


And now, a window shot.
Just because.

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You know a phrase you never seem to hear?

“I’m so horny I could fuck a rabid moose.”

No one ever seems to be that horny. I’ve asked around about it and that’s when people start telling me that there is nothing shameful or dirty about masturbation. If the offer was to either copulate with a cervidae that had rabies or to crank their shaft (or tickle the oyster, depending on your equipment) they’d take the second option thank you very much.

So that phrase almost never gets said.

And with that in your mind I’m off to watch some movies and fall asleep on the couch, wake up half an hour after that and go to bed as has been my wont* for the last couple of days, except yesterday when I simply fell asleep at my desk and skipped the TV all together.

*Is that right? Would it be want or won’t or what?

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