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Whenever I think of Ideal Forms I keep thinking that it’s sort of a backwards route. It’s sometimes translated as Perfect Forms because Plato thought that anything in the material world was corrupted and only the immaterial could hold perfection.

If you haven’t read the link let me make it short. A bed is a bed. If you look at a bed, you know it’s supposed to be a bed. If you look at an entirely different bed, you know that’s also a bed. Beds can be recognized the world over and in almost any shape, size and variation. So there must be some state, some form that is made up of pure bedness. An Ideal Bed if you will that holds whatever characteristics make up a bed and no others.

My problem is I wouldn’t ever call that bed ideal. If it holds only the marks of a bed without any extras, that’s a stripped down bed, that’s a basic bed. What you have is not so much the perfect bed, but a bland bed. Yes, it will be recognized by anyone, but you wouldn’t want to sleep in it. It would have to be so stripped down and so basic that it would be impractical to use as a bed. This complaint extends to all the Ideal Form discussions, as well as the problem you get when two ideals try to work together, since they can’t.

There are other issues as well, such as individual perception of perfection and idealism, but I’m not going to go into them right now. I just wanted to get that bit out as it always bugs me.

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