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In wich Weirdo discovers stuff that’s been around for sometime.

I started poking around History Channel Web site because I was told I could watch full episodes of Jurassic Fight Club on the site. Dumb name, good show, but they will insist on being VERY American in places (look guys, not EVERYTHING has to end in a death, real animals run away when they’re injured) and some of the footage and points about dinos get repeated a few times more than I think necessary. However, I’m thinking of buying it because it’s good enough for when I get in a Dino-Documentary mood. I got interested in JFC after reading a review on a DVD site since the first season has just come out on disc and Holly mentioned that they’ve got full episodes of a lot oft heir shows on the website now.

Well, that got me bouncing around to see what other streaming shows and stuff are out there, because I have NO idea what’s on. So I decided to check out Hulu, found one of those IMAX movies you used to get at science centers… and seriously, I didn’t know it was an IMAX movie when I started it, but like 15 seconds in I decided it must be from the way they were using the camera and stuff and guess what? Cosmic Voyage is an IMAX movie… which means I’ve seen so many of those things I can recognize the cinematography tricks they use to try and justify the hugeness of the format. I feel like I should be a little ashamed about that, like it admits the number of times I’ve gone to the science center just so I could go watch the movie or the fact that I have a bunch of them on DVD.

Anyway, this led me to the interesting discovery that Koyaanisqatsi is on Hulu. You can watch Koyaanisqatsi online! Now we just have to answer the musical question “Why would you want to?”

Actually, I’ve even gone so far as to write a review for the movie so you know I’ve watched it a couple of times… late at night… on my own.

Make of that what you will, I tend to watch Silent Running that way too.

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