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Another Grab Bag

So after my last adventure with a Grab Bag, I’m giving it another go. This time we’re going with BudK’s $50 grab bag, which promises a $100 value. I’m a little annoyed today, because of some things that happened here. I’m only stating that because it’s connected with buying things and spending of monies and accounting and things like that and… it might have tempered my review. I don’t know, we’ll see. I’ll say at the outset that I wasn’t elated at what I found when I opened the box.

This is the box.

Okay, so it’s a $50 box and I knew that when we ordered. I also knew what the value would be when I ordered. $100, that’s going to be the total value of the contents. First thing I see upon opening is a catalogue they sent me two weeks ago. Okay, no problem, they’re a mail order company and it’s part of the deal. I should stop being so fatuitous, but you’ll see in a moment why I am feeling this way. I am perfectly willing to admit I wasn’t feeling my best when it arrived, but it didn’t lift my spirits either.

So what do we get when we pull aside the brown paper and get to the meat of the box?

A plastic grocery bag…
Still, let’s not be shitheels about this, let’s do it right! Professionalism and stuff.

I can’t help but feel these are meager pickings. I just know some of these things aren’t going to be on the website. That’s going to make the value of the box hard to decide. Well, let’s see what we can do.

Okay, firs thing out of the gate has me troubled.
This clock isn’t on the website, not that I have trouble imagining why.

You may notice the pixilation of the art on the clock face, you might also notice there isn’t pixilation in other places on the photo. That’s because the clock face has a badly done art. Someone did not love and baby the art on this clock. I can’t actually find information about this company.

The clock is supposed to be from The Alchemy Guild, it’s Copyrighted 2006 by Alchemy Carta and under license by Urban Station, but the trail grows cold after that.

I’m pretty sure I’ve got the right website, but I can’t find this clock anywhere. Further investigation leads me to the Alchemy Gothic Art Library where you can get art for your products. Looking through it I’ve found the art, it seems to be called The Green Skull. So now we know where the art came from. Still not a single step closer to guessing the price though. This is a battery-operated clock, so I’m going to guess. I went to Amazon and found a twin bell battery-operated clock and since it says it costs $10 I’m going to go with that. I might see my way up to $15 in a pinch.

I have now done 5 times as much research as this thing deserved. I mean, it’s probably going to wind up being mailed to some poor unsuspecting soul. It’s kind of mean when you think about it.

Oh, how nice. An ugly, large, possibly pewter, skull, pendant… thing.

OOO, even better! TWO OF THEM!
Again, no information on the BudK Site, but I am hopeful. There is a sticker on one that says $9.00 and a sticker on the other that says Young Zone Jewelry. So maybe if we look around we can find something, yes? NO! They’re a wholesaler and I can’t find anything like the code sequence on the site. I’m not willing to look forever, so I’m taking the $9 each as their price. That gets us up to $30 I guess.

Again, about 10 times more research than these fugly things deserved. Again, I’m just going to send them to someone who won’t deserve them, not for all their sins.

Little, tiny, ickle knives! Hmm, it claims these are for the ultimate collector. I assume the ultimate collector of knives since by its very definition there could only be one ultimate knife and thus it would be impossible to have a collection. Actually it just says ultimate collector, so someone who collectes everything? Am I the ultimate collector? Surely not! So, legally, is it okay for me to have these? I’m not the ultimate collector, and yet I’ve got these knives. Should I try to figure out who this Ultimate Collector is and send them to him? Is it Galactus? It’s Galactus isn’t it? I’m beginning to sense I’ve milked that joke for all it’s worth now.

So what about these little knives? Well look at them and notice the magic.
Hmm, Stars.

BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Tilt the other way and you (Sort of) get stripes!
And then back to stars again!
So, yeah, tilt change pictures that suggest the US Flag without actually being the flag. I always find things like this mildly offensive. I’m not into Flag Cult things. The flag belongs on flagpoles, the shoulders of public servants, the side of service vehicles and not much else. Most places where I see it used, like here, actually feel disrespectful of both the flag and the people who fought and died for it. Flag fetishism always seems to be sort of desecrating the flag to me. It’s so over used that it fails to have much meaning to me to be honest. And the effect doesn’t even work that well. If you’re going to fap at the flag you could atleast fap more effectively than this. If you’re going to have flag wank, have GOOD FLAG WANK DAMNIT! How much would you pay? Well, The web site once again refuses to help. Searching and looking and hunting down part numbers (why am I taking this much trouble for these things? Seriously, they are destined for a padded envelope!) brought me to this web site where I found them. The third item down is… USA Flag Mini Hologram Knife which is in a half dozen blister pack for the princely sum of $6.95! So now we know. If you’re keeping track that puts us up to $36.95

Okay the box says its from Rigid Knives, but it looks a lot like something from a Ridge Runner set I bought last year for VEWPRF and broke up to give to multiple people. So how to judge what just one of these should cost? Just breaking the pack up and saying it cost $3 wouldn’t be right, because they wouldn’t charge that for just one. Magic of these packs is that you pay less for getting more knives. Rigid, like Tomahwak, is actually another company that either works with or under Untied Cutlery, but that doesn’t help much. The closest I can come is this Rigid Foreman Work Knife, but they claim $13 and that seems over reaching at best. Besides, the design is all wrong. Screw it, I’m going to say $5 and be done with it. No, wait! $5.95, that sounds more official. $42.90 so far.
Holly consented to keep this around, she has one sort of like it. Part of that set I mentioned before, and putting them together you can see the major differences between companies.

What do we have after that?
IT HAS DEER ON IT! You take your claims where you can find them. Another deadend as far as finding this knife goes. Outdoor Life is a knife company though, so that’s something, right? Most their knives sell under the $10 mark, going for about $7 as far as I can see and most of them are nicer than this one.
American Outdoor Series is no help when looking. Ohhh, wait, don’t give up just yet. I found one on Ebay! Heeeey! I didn’t get a camo case! Why does he get a camo case? And why does he get to claim $18.95 when I was going to peg it at $5? Clearly, it’s all about the camo case. Now I wish I had a camo case. Okay, we’ll meet this one in the middle and call it $12.95 because I feel funky. $55.85 so far kids!
Holly wants a flat knife to keep in her pocket, she’ll take this one until I can find something that doesn’t have deer on it.

A big honking folder from what I believe is one of BudK’s internal brands. Timber Wolf is not a brand I would want to bet my life on, but I know of no reason why you shouldn’t buy them. Let’s open this massive mother up and see what we’ve got.

A saw! That’s pretty clever actually. A nice little travel saw, not bad. Now for the ultimate test though, can I find this silly thing at the website?
Time passes.
BudK’s website is very slow
Time passes.
No, I can’t find it at the website. I’m beginning to suspect they’re doing this to me deliberately. Well, I have a catalogue (supplied with the box) so maybe I can find it there.
Time passes.
Huh, not there either. Ah, but I found one elsewhere! $9.95! Which brings us to $68.80 so far.
We’ll probably keep this for cutting down trees in the early winter. It’ll be better than using a little hacksaw anyway.

Okay this next one is a Cold Steel knife.
They must have this one, right? Right? HEY! They DO! How about that?

Costs $22.99, bringing us up to $91.79. Mostly because Cold Steel is a quality item and so it’s probably really worth that. I’d have never bought it myself, but it’s bound to be a good solid knife. So we’ve got that going for us. I’ll probably keep it.

Now this last one was the first I looked up.

As you can see the metal tin looks just like the paper sleeve.
It’s called a Tiny Trapper and this is the closest I could come to finding something like it on the web site. The main page says it’s on sale for $28.96, which would bring us to $120.75 if I’ve calculated correctly.
I wasn’t quite through yet though. Not quite yet.

I went to the Case web site

And I STILL can’t find the bastard!

Seriously! What the pfuck?

I am discouraged.
I have been beaten.

I don’t mind telling you guys, I feel like I’ve been licked. They win. I give up.

I don’t feel cheated, I know I probably got my money’s worth, but I can’t help but feel I should have gotten another box from Swords of Might with the $50 I shouldn’t have been spending anyway. I think Syd said it best when she commented that, “We just would never ever have bought any of this stuff on our own.” I’m not sure that I wouldn’t have bought the Case knife at some point. I’ve heard they are very good knives and I was interested in getting one to see if they lived up. Considering I brushed the Case knife and managed to give myself a little cut, I find that a semi encouraging sign. It’s sharp at any rate.

Still… I feel sort of let down by the whole ordeal. Unfortunately, that was my big splurge for the next month or two. If anyone wants to get me an Archie McPhee Surprise Bag or Mystery Box so I can track that and give a full report that would be awesome, but I’m not expecting it or anything.

HEY! I found the case knife! C. Platts’ Sons Tiny Trapper Knife $37.95! So… yeah. Something found.

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