I'll come up with something in a minute.

This headline is real and so is the story, not an Onion article or nothin’…

Hannity Attacks Obama For Putting Mustard On His Burger

Is it because mustard is yellow?

Was it because he asked for Dijon, which is a region in FRANCE of all places?

Should he be putting a vegetable on his burger, like ketchup?

And if ketchup, isn’t ketchup red?

And who likes red?


We knew Hannity was a bad columnist, but is it possible he’s a FIFTH COLUMNIST?

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If I was asked to come up with the single most evil villain in all of Video Game History, given all the baddies that have come and gone over the years, I would still pick the bat from Adventure.

I hate that bat.

If you’ve never played the game and would like to, you can play a flash based version here. Although this version doesn’t seem to have the bat and is thus only a cheep knock-off.

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