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The Spice must flow

If you’ve been considering suicide, may I ask you to reconsider? I’m not going to tell you that life is really awesome, or that things won’t always suck. I’ve come to the conclusion that life really does suck and it’s always going to suck.


There are things that mollify it though and this is one of them. Check it out…

They still make Lifesaver Swirl pops!


I thought that they stopped making them years ago.

They come in a bag, in the box, which I carried home in another bag and if you consider my car to be just another box…

Four great flavors. If there was a fifth flavor, I could combine them and make Captain Planet. What would heart flavor be like?

Mmmm 50 pops of goodness.

Astute viewers (or just people who can count) might cry that I’ve been ripped off because there are clearly only 49 pops here. Not so! You might have noticed that the bag was open in the last shot, that was because I tore one open and ate it before I got home.

Mmmmmm swirly.

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Cats and Goose

There was a goose on the roof the other day, Fancy watched it.

In other news, Folly has been the alst hold out in not hissing at the kitten, but today she has let her sleep next to her.



Folly started to wake up because Syd is not quiet with the camera like I am.


She noticed the kitten but did not smack her or hiss or anything.

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