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Third Time Best?

There are a few movies where the sequel is an improvement, (Empire Strikes Back, Godfather 2, Return to Boggy Creek) and while there must be movies where the third is the best, I actually can’t think of any. I was listening to the Mark Kermode podcast and someone brought up the idea of movies that get better with each new installment, but I can’t even think of any off the top of my head where the third movie is better than the other two. The person asking the question brought up the Bourne movies, but I thought Ultimatum didn’t quite get to the place that Supremacy got to and I felt a little let down at the end. I can understand how someone might think it was the best, but I still think the second was the top.

Wait, maybe the Evil Dead movies? I guess that depends on you agreeing that Army of Darkness is the best in the group. While I like the movie and I greatly appreciate the fact that it went in a different direction*, I’m not sure it beast out Evil Dead II. It depends how you feel. I can see an argument for it, but I’m not sure I would agree.

So I sort of want to know, can you think of a movie where number 3 is better than one or two? Will anyone claim that Supercop is better than Police Story and Police Story 2? Anyone willing to stake claim that Last Crusade is better than both Temple and Raiders? Oddly, I picked two series there where the middle installment was the weakest until the fourth installment came along.

Come to that, can anyone think of a fourth installment (beyond Thunderball and Rambo) that didn’t more or less murdalize the franchise?

I’m truly interested in what you have to say here, please tell me what you think.

*Some day we’ve really got to talk about movie series that decide to go off in completely new directions and the ones that stay in a comfortable groove.

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