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Holmes? Is that You?

I read a couple of the Sherlock Holmes books back in the day. I always found them a bit stodgy. Partly I always had a cross between Basil Rathbone and either Douglas Wilmer or Geoffrey Whitehead, whichever I saw doing the role for the BBC that got re-run on A&E ad nauseam. Part of it of course was just Holmes’ habit of leaping to conclusions with very little evidence that could easily be explained another way but of course never is. Seriously, 90% of those deductions had other explanations. Of course the books were written from the standpoint of Holmes’ lover and chief fanboy Dr. Watson, so we could forgive him for pumping Holmes’ rep up a bit.


Saw the new trailer for the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movie and I thought it looked kinda neat. I’m not sure, but I think some things have been edited to make it look like the scenes play out differently than they do. If you watched it, I’m thinking particularly of the scene with the lady stripping down and getting Holmes into bed. This of course couldn’t be what it looks like because Holmes is as gay as spring time, as bent as a boomerang, and as queer as… um… Liberace! Hey, fuck you! I don’t see you doing any better.

If they kept that aspect (and they should cause Holmes was NOT into chicks) then that sequence could have been edited to look like something it isn’t. The rest does show a much more rough and tumble Holmes than we’ve seen in the movies and TV, but I seem to remember hints of it in the books I read. Either way, it looks pretty good right now.

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