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Spirit Notes

Each line represents an instance of me getting up from the couch, walking to my office, typing a line and then returning.


Does Danny Elfman know that David Newman swiped the Batman music for this movie?


Wait, does this fight take place in a lake, a pond, mud flat, a tar pit, or what?


I actually laughed out loud at the line “C’mon! Toilets are always funny.”


Wow, even the cat thought his flash-backed story was dull and left.


How many times are we going to say that the foot/head thing is just plain damn weird?


This MUST be camp, it has to be meant as camp. You can’t make a movie this bad on accident, he must have meant to do it.


Okay Frank, I get it, you hves a hard on for the Greeks. You don’t have to involve it in everything you do though.


Wow, that was bad in so many ways.


It’s actually not a terrible movie, it’s just not very good. If you watch it as a piece of screwball camp, it’s pretty effective. Not as bad as anyone was saying, but not good enough to put on my top 100 or anything.

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