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That Moment (A Poem)

You know that moment.
That moment when you think
“Surely at some point they’re all going to notice I’m not wearing any pants.”
Only they never do
Because you are wearing pants
And you’re just being paranoid.
You need to see someone about that
People are talking.

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Haven’t done a Five Things post in a while

1. I am currently staving off (if staving is the word I want) a massive headache by taking hourly hits of Excedrin by the handful. It’s helping a little, but not enough. It also brings its own special new problems with it.

2. Yatzee of Zero Punctuation fame has reviewed Duke Nukem Forever, and it’s possibly the best review for any game you’ll ever see.

3. I have been about three seconds away from a full blown screaming fit for the last week or so. I blame the weather and George Lucas. Because all of us Star Wars fans blame George Lucas for everything.

4. There is a turtle wandering around in the front lawn. Not the back, where the pond is, but the front. I have no idea what he (or she) is doing there, but pictures will come as soon as I upload them.

5. I think it’s time for a Seven Samurai sequel/prequel. That’s not an and/or there by the way. I want a Seven Samurai sequel and prequel all rolled into one. And if you could find a way for Kikuchiyo to have survived (OMG! SPOILER!) and get a smart talking teen side kick, that would be AWESOME!

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I can’t help but wonder if in the end this California Ruling will eventually be a good thing. Not today, and not for Californians, but still. I keep wondering if it isn’t going to lead to a lot of other places deciding to man up and do the right thing. New Hampshire, DC, Iowa (fucking IOWA) have all had forward movement on the gay marriage issue since the passing of Prop 8. I think a lot of people did take a good long look at that and decided to do something. I think a lot of people got a really bad taste in their mouths over that whole thing and don’t want to look like California right now. It’ll suck for gays in California of course, but the idea that this isn’t a problem seems to be taking root in places you’d never think… like Iowa. Seriously, I can’t express how blown away I still am about Iowa. It’s just… fucking Iowa?

Then you have the fact that almost everything the Anti crowd said about that situation turned out to be a lie. They said voting down prop 8 would force churches to marry gays, it wouldn’t have. They said they wouldn’t try to force the state to annul the marriages, then they started to try to get the state to annul the marriages, and it just went on like that. When so much of what they were saying was shown to be lies in the cold light of morning, it made some people pause and wonder if you could believe anything they’d been told by these guys. It would have been better had the nut-jobs gotten their way on the annulment, because then everyone would have suddenly realized that legal marriages could be broken up by the vagaries of a few people. That would have brought home the fact that it’s the anti-gay marriage people who are the only ones actually threatening marriages.

In a way it doesn’t really matter that much because it’s going to happen, it is happening. In fact, it has happened. We’re just dealing with the shockwaves now. The places where it’s legal have failed to descend into chaos in any meaningful way and a lot of people are left wondering what the big deal was. Gayness is gradually gaining a sense of normality or at least a sense of being no big deal. I’m thinking in a generation or two, the only way you’ll hear people screaming about “faggots and dykes ruining everything” will be listening to grandparents at holidays.

Really, this is a perfect place for fiscal conservatives to make a stand and win back voters. They’ll probably have to form a new party, because I think the Republicans are going to have to either die-off or spend some considerable time in the wilderness, but they could adapt an old slogan for the new century… “We want government off your back and out of your bedroom!” I think that sort of sentiment could garner a lot of votes right now.


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5 Today (Greenfield Village)







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